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SOURCE:   Almanac of Modern Science and Education. Tambov: Gramota, 2015. є 2. P. 94-97. ISSN 1993-5552.
SCIENTIFIC AREA: Economic Sciences
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Paronyan David Akopovich
Kuban State University

Abstract. The article considers the dynamics of mutual funds developing abroad. Special attention is paid to the features of the structure of mutual funds market in the United States. It is proved that the ratio of different categories of funds changes depending on conditions prevailing in stock market. The author mentions the incessant refocusing of shareholdersТ investments, but tells that at the same time one thing remains constant: collective investment industry in the person of mutual funds becomes increasingly popular among population.
Key words and phrases: финансовый институт, взаимный фонд, фонд акций, гибридный фонд, финансовый кризис, financial institution, mutual fund, stock fund, hybrid fund, financial crisis.
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