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SOURCE:   Philological Sciences. Issues of Theory and Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2017. 8. Part 2. P. 45-48. ISSN 1997-2911.
SCIENTIFIC AREA: Philological Sciences
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Ordokova Anzhella Yur'evna
Karachi-Cherkess State University named after U. D. Aliev

Abstract. The article is devoted to the problem of dialectical interaction of the traditional and individual in the Karachi writer Kh. Bairamukovas poetry and prose. As a result of the research the interdependence of national forms and methods of representing the reality and the unique genre stylistics of the poets works is revealed. It is shown that the lyrical basis of the artist of the words poetry and prose is stipulated by the tradition and individual creative style. New aspects of her work are determined - dialectics of well-known and innovative forms, the general and individual in the authors texts.
Key words and phrases: , , , , , , , lyrical reportage, traditional symbols, character, subject, individual style, image, symbol.
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