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SOURCE:   Philological Sciences. Issues of Theory and Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2019. № 1. P. 271-274. ISSN 1997-2911.
SCIENTIFIC AREA: Philological Sciences
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Shamina Natal'ya Viktorovna
National Research Ogarev Mordovia State University

Submitted: 18.11.2018.
Abstract. The article deals with the specificity of an approach to the artistic understanding of female problematics in the novel "The Professor". The author of the work comes to the conclusion that the female theme in its realisation in Bront?’s novel acquires new features in comparison with her predecessors’ works. The idea is the following: the conception of the dualism of the woman’s personality is expressed in the main character through a split rather than harmonious unity. Thereafter, there is a clear discord between the woman’s desire for self-realisation and her need for emotional support in the novel.
Key words and phrases: Ш. Бронте, викторианский роман, женская проблематика, женское самосознание, проблема самореализации, Charlotte Bront?, Victorian novel, female problematics, female self-consciousness, self-realisation problem.
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