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SOURCE:    Almanac of Modern Science and Education. Tambov: Gramota, 2014. № 3. P. 170-173.
SCIENTIFIC AREA:    Technical Sciences
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Fetisov Vladimir Stanislavovich, Kulbaev Bulat Ruslanovich
Ufa State Aviation Technical University

Abstract. The article provides the description and shows the development of the conception with the conventional name "Tethered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle" that consists in the organization of monitoring system on the basis of unmanned aerial vehicle tethered to earth station with the help of cable, which simultaneously serves as a holding cable, a power cable and a line of communication. The comparative characteristic of alternative monitoring systems is suggested, from which the availability of this conception for many practical tasks can be concluded. The realization variants of the conception are considered in announced developments and the existing models of "tethered unmanned aerial vehicles".
Key words and phrases: система мониторинга, привязанный беспилотный летательный аппарат, вертикальный взлет/посадка, коммуникационно-силовой кабель, monitoring system, tethered unmanned aerial vehicle, vertical take-off/landing, communication-power cable
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