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SOURCE:   Almanac of Modern Science and Education. Tambov: Gramota, 2017. № 4-5. P. 58-62.
SCIENTIFIC AREA: Technical Sciences
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Kravchenko Natal'ya Aleksandrovna, Kravchenko Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, Khodzhaev Serdar Sapardurdyevich
Admiral Ushakov State Maritime University in Novorossiysk

Abstract. The article deals with the issues of management of telecontrolled underwater vehicles in the vertical plane. Quality of control is related to the parameters that affect operation of on-board equipment. Resolution of sonograms of sonars and equipment for surveying the bottom surface is directly determined by the specified distance from the bottom and smoothness of movement of the apparatus. Formation of the commands system is based on the principle of rotating the projection of the area vector onto the plane of the bottom surface. Equipment of telecontrolled devices with three propellers placed in the horizontal plane of the apparatus enables, by changing stops of each of them, to control the apparatus effectively in the vertical plane creating the required trim or roll.
Key words and phrases: вектор площади, момент движителя, проекция площади, высота хода, сигнал управления (как воздействия на объект), инвариантное управление (как воздействие на объект), телеуправляемый подводный аппарат, vector of area, moment of propeller, area projection, delivery head, control signal (as impact on object), invariant control (as impact on object), telecontrolled underwater vehicle.
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