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SOURCE:   Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2014. 8. Part 1. P. 84-86.
SCIENTIFIC AREA: Philological Sciences
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Ibukova Venera Nailovna
Tobolsk State Social and Pedagogical Academy Named after D. I. Mendeleev

Abstract. This article considers the role of a landscape in the book "?? ?" ("Collected Stories", referring to the literary heritage of the Tatar people of the XYIII century). One of the main means of revealing the characters mental experiences is a landscape that is used for conveying the authors attitude to what is happening, creating emotional background against which the action is developed, while it acts as one of the conditions that determine the life and daily routine of a man.
Key words and phrases: , , , , , poetics of literary work, images of nature, semantic stress of landscape, landscape forms, topos.
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