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SOURCE:   Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2016. № 5. Part 1. P. 197-206.
SCIENTIFIC AREA: Pedagogical Sciences
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Orlova Elena Vladimirovna, Martynova Tat'yana Aleksandrovna, Goman Yuliya Valentinovna, Zarutskaya Ekaterina Vital'evna, Rybina Tat'yana Nikolaevna
Saint Petersburg State University

Abstract. This paper aims to present the results of the research that lead to identifying sets of communication skills for both academic and business English courses for a business school. The authors conducted the needs analysis survey that predetermines the revision and redesigning of communication courses provided for students at both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree level. The survey reveals the communication needs identified by three target groups: students, academics, and corporate partners. The latter group of stakeholders enabled the researchers to discover emerging competencies to be factored in the communication programmes development. The research methods applied are participant observation, questionnaires, and criterion-referenced performance tests. The researchers use the genre of presentation, which is representative in both academic and business communication. It provides them with an exemplary set of communication skills for needs analysis. This research has specified academic and business communication skills that will foster the logic of their development through a set of new academic and business communication skills programmes and facilitates understanding the principles for their redesigning and revision.
Key words and phrases: анализ потребностей, коммуникация в академической и бизнес среде, умения выступления с презентацией, недостающие навыки, разработка рабочих программ, needs analysis, academic and business communication, presentation skills, skill gaps, programme design.
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