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SOURCE:   Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2017. 3. Part 2. P. 54-56.
SCIENTIFIC AREA: Philological Sciences
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Fidarova Rima Yaponovna, Kaitova Irina Anatol'evna
V. I. Abaev North-Ossetian Institute of Humanitarian and Social Studies of Vladikavkaz Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Government of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania

North Ossetian State University named after K. L.
Abstract. The basis of the artistic image in the Ossetians Nart epos is the organic synthesis of the mythological and real, rational beginning. The aesthetic structure of epos has been influenced by different historical periods, which is manifested in various artistic stratifications of content-formal character. The authors state that, using the synthesis of mythological and real, rational, living in the structure of the artistic image, Nart epos gave a particular sensual meaning to the human criteria, determined paths of human spiritual orientation in the world, fundamental values of human life and nature.
Key words and phrases: , , , , , , , Nart epos, artistic image, mythological, reality, image structure, artistic consciousness, epic character.
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