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SOURCE:   Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2020. 10.
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Decadence Philosophy by Fyodor Sologub and "Schizo-Analysis" by Viktor Yerofeyev: Problems of Continuity
Akopova Yuliya Alekseevna
5-8Philological Sciences
Representation of the Decembrist Revolt in Y. P. Polonskys Novel "Confessions of Sergei Chalygin" (1867)
Vyushkova Irina Gennadievna
9-12Philological Sciences
N. Berdyaevs Philosophy in S. Yesenins Creative Work
Eremenko Nataliya Alekseevna
13-16Philological Sciences
"When Heavens Gates Are Open Wide" (Sky Motive in E. D. Luchezarnovas Creative Work)
Kichigina Viktorija Viktorovna
17-25Philological Sciences
"Levochka Tries to Immerse into Peter the Greats Epoch, He Is Absorbed in Reading Historical Books" (Unknown Sources of L. N. Tolstoys Concise Records about Figures and Events of Peter the Greats Epoch)
Kovaleva Galina Nikolaevna
25-32Philological Sciences
F. M. Dostoevskys Views on the Baltic German Problem
Mikhnovetc Mariia Vladimirovna
32-38Philological Sciences
M. Yu. Lermontov in Criticism and Journalism of the Russian Emigration in China
Pasevich Zariana Vasilevna
38-45Philological Sciences
Category of Memory in the Russian Literature (from Classical Times to the Present)
Popova Olga Aleksandrovna, Soboleva Olga Vladimirovna
46-49Philological Sciences
Musical Codes in M. Petrosyans Novel "The Gray House"
Sinegubova Kapitalina Valerevna
50-54Philological Sciences
Evolution of the "Song" Genre in V. A. Zhukovskys Creative Work
Sokolov-Purusin Roman Sergeevich
55-61Philological Sciences
M. Gorkys Epistolary (1901-1902) as a Part of the Writers "Uniform Text"
Urtmintseva Marina Genrichovna
62-66Philological Sciences
On Genealogy of Musical Figurativeness in V. Krivulins Poems of the 1970s
Khairulin Timur Pavlovich
66-70Philological Sciences
Concept HAPPINESS in K. Balmonts and V. Bryusovs Poetry
Tsurkan Veronika Valentinovna, Zaitseva Tatyana Borisovna
70-74Philological Sciences
"Return" Motive in the Modern Tatar Dramaturgy
Zakirzyanov Al'fat Magsumzyanovich, Gabidullina Farida Imamutdinovna
75-79Philological Sciences
Volga Bulgaria Image in the Chuvash Historical Dramaturgy
Kirillova Irina Yurievna
79-82Philological Sciences
Nostalgic Discourse in N. Gaimans Prose
Baronova Elena Vladimirovna
83-86Philological Sciences
JOURNEY Concept Representation in Jane Austens Artistic Worldview
Erokhina Yulia Evgenievna
87-91Philological Sciences
Thomas S?billet as Predecessor of Joachim du Bellay ("Art Poetique Francois" and "La D?fense et Illustration de la Langue Fran?aise")
Kropacheva Kseniia Alexandrovna
91-95Philological Sciences
Mirroring as a Category of Poetics in the Novel "Gryll Grange" by Thomas Love Peacock
Lipnyagova Svetlana Gennadievna, Pudova Olga Alexandrovna
95-98Philological Sciences
Specificity of Rethinking the Ancient Greek Myth in Ch. Wolfs Novella "Kassandra" and "Cassandras Path" by J. Voznesenskaya
Osmukhina Olga Yurievna, Beloglazova Ekaterina Alexandrovna
99-103Philological Sciences
Functional-Semantic Approach Existence in Linguistics: Systematic Review
Klyushina Alena Mikhailovna
113-118Philological Sciences
The Russian Linguistic Terminology: Systemic Description
Krapivnik Elena Vladimirovna
119-123Philological Sciences
Grammatical Peculiarities of Functional-Semantic Field of Voice (by the Material of the Russian Sentences with Verbs of Contact)
Lebedeva Alexandra Leonidovna
123-127Philological Sciences
BRIDE Concept in the Russian Linguistic Worldview
Li Olga Dmitrievna, Liu Xiangchun
127-130Philological Sciences
Structural-Semantic Features of Composite Idiom and Phraseological Unit: Similarities and Differences
Merkur'eva Nataliya Mikhailovna
131-135Philological Sciences
Metaphorical Interpretation of Sainthood in Akathist Hymns
Ryadovykh Natalya Alexandrovna
135-140Philological Sciences
From "Canteen" to "Kudyablishnaya": Substantivized Adjectives Nominating Trade and Public Catering Enterprises in the Modern Russian Language
Fysina Uliana Nikolaevna
140-144Philological Sciences
Verbal Forms with the Affixes - and -? in the Bashkir Language
Abutalipova Ramzana Askhatovna
145-148Philological Sciences
Semantics of Postpositional Constructions with the Postposition ? in the Tatar Language: Corpus Analysis
Galieva Alfiya Makarimovna, Gatiatullin Ayrat Rafizovich
149-154Philological Sciences
Comparative Phrases with Components-Zoonyms (Horse) and (Dog) in the Kabardian-Circassian Language (by the Material of Fiction Texts)
Dzuganova Rita Khabalovna, Oshroeva Karina Vyacheslavovna
155-158Philological Sciences
Ways of Fine Art Terms Formation in the Yakut Language
Ivanova Sargylana Vladimirovna
158-162Philological Sciences
Lexicographical Representation of the Tatar Cultural Component in School Dictionary
Safiullina Gulshat Rafailevna
162-166Philological Sciences
Semantics of the Particle in the Khakass Language
Chebodaeva Larisa Il'inichna
166-170Philological Sciences
Formation of Non-Finite Sub-Paradigm in the Middle English Period (by the Material of the English Poetry)
Burenko Lyudmila Vasil'evna, Ovcharenko Viktoriya Pavlovna
171-176Philological Sciences
Level of Valent Synsemanticism of the English Causal Constructions (by the Material of the US Presidential and Vice Presidential TV Debates)
Butenko Tatiana Anatolievna
176-181Philological Sciences
Synonymic Chains of Adjectives of Size with the Meaning "Big Size" in the English Language
Grintsova Oga Vasilievna, Solmanidina Natalya Viktorovna
182-186Philological Sciences
Terms-Eponyms in the English-Language Social Work Terminology
Zhigunova Zhanna Gennadjevna, Kosterina Yuliya Evgen'evna
187-191Philological Sciences
Specific Features of Metaphors Colouristic System in the Modern German Political Discourse
Litvinova Tatiana Ivanovna
191-195Philological Sciences
Stylistic Potential of Elliptical Constructions in the German Advertising Texts
Pervak Tatiana Vladimirovna
196-200Philological Sciences
Terminological Polyonymy as Manifestation of Linguo-Cultural Specificity of the German Preschool Education Terminology
Rudenko Tatiana Ivanovna
200-205Philological Sciences
Translation Transformations and Translation Strategies in the Field of Political Communication (by the Material of the English-Language Mass Media)
Spiridovskii Oleg Vladimirovich, Yakovleva Irina Nikolaevna
205-210Philological Sciences
"Hate Speech" Phenomenon in Troll Discourse (by the Material of the French Language)
Bondarenko Alexandra Olegovna
211-215Philological Sciences
Ways of Denoting Colour and Light in the Latin Medical Terminology (by the Material of Anatomical Terminology)
Volkova Marina Gennadievna, Vasilyeva Svetlana Leonidovna, Abramova Anastasiya Anatolyevna
216-220Philological Sciences
Verbal System Evolution in the French Language (Diasystematic Approach)
Lukina Anna Evgen'evna
220-225Philological Sciences
Phraseological Units Transformation in the French Newspaper Headlines
Iurina Ekaterina Alekseevna
226-231Philological Sciences
Emotional Argumentation in Political Discourse: By the Example of Greta Thunbergs UN Speech
Geyvandyan Lolita Eduardovna
232-236Philological Sciences
Algorithm for Motivational Analysis of Linguistic Situation (by the Example of Studying Tendencies for Standardization of National Languages in Canada)
Isaev Danil Vladimirovitch
236-241Philological Sciences
Specificity of Expressing Evidentiality and Mirativity in the Karachay-Balkar Language
Kosheva Astra Shagabanovna
242-248Philological Sciences
Specificity of the Yakut Hotel Names
Olesova Antonina Petrovna, Zakharova Diana Dmitrievna
248-254Philological Sciences
Syntactic and Pragmatic Characteristics of Situational Replicas in Fiction Text (by the Material of Womens Literature)
Chadova Elizaveta Vladimirovna
254-258Philological Sciences
Modality of the Russian-Language and English-Language Discourses (by the Material of the Bible Texts)
Bobyreva Ekaterina Valerievna
259-264Philological Sciences
Comparative Analysis of the Russian and German "Adjective + Noun" Collocations
Briskina Elena Viktorovna
265-272Philological Sciences
Problems of Translating the Russian Compound Sentences with Parataxis into Chinese
Wang Lan, Mikhailova Ol'ga Alekseevna
272-276Philological Sciences
Evolution of Dual Voice Construction Formed by Combination of Active and Neutral Voice in the Armenian Language System. Neutralization of Dual Voice Meanings
Zakyan Granush Surenovna
276-281Philological Sciences
Graphical Objects in Wishes from Native Speakers of Foreign Languages (by the Material of the 2020 Vladivostok Wish Tree)
Krayushkina Tatiana Vladimirovna
281-286Philological Sciences
Bilingual Translators Techniques to Translate the Russian and Soviet Realia into English (by the Material of S. Dovlatovs Cycle "The Suitcase")
Pushkina Anna Vladimirovna, Tolstova Olga Valerievna, Krivoshlykova Liudmila Vladimirovna
286-292Philological Sciences
Zoonymic Phraseological Units with Component - Colour Term in the Russian and English Languages: Comparative Description
Skitina Nina Alexandrovna, Solovyeva Nataliya Vladimirovna, Shabanova Veronika Petrovna
292-297Philological Sciences
Representation of FRIENDSHIP Concept in the German and French Languages (by the Material of Paroemias)
Chaiko Natal'ya Nikolaevna, Murieva Meri Valerianovna
298-302Philological Sciences
Translating the Russian Nominative Sentences into Chinese: Semantic and Structural Aspects
Zhang Yuping, Lishmanova Tatiana Evgenievna
302-306Philological Sciences
Value Orientations of Implicit Information in the Russian and Chinese TV Advertising
Zhu Jianin, Zolotykh Lidiya Glebovna, Vasil'eva Yuliya Aleksandrovna
307-312Philological Sciences
Comparative Analysis of Lexical Units Nominating Crimes against Life and Health in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and the Model Penal Code of the United States of America
Shashkova Valentina Nikolaevna
313-318Philological Sciences
Research Paper Abstract in English and Russian: Comparative Analysis and Translation Problems
Shutova Nella Maksimovna, Pomeranets Inna Borisovna
318-324Philological Sciences
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