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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2022. № 12.
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Pushkin at School: A Collection of Articles / compiled by V. Ya. Korovina, V. I. Korovin. Moscow, 2021. 1048 p.: Opinion Paper on the Publication Summarising and Systematising the Materials Dedicated to A. S. Pushkin’s Creative Heritage and Meant to Help a Teacher Organise Work in Russian Literature
Skibin Sergey Mikhailovich
3695-3696 Philological Sciences
The Advocate of Enlightenment: A Collection of Articles for the 90th Anniversary of Valentin Ivanovich Korovin, Professor Emeritus of the MPSU. Moscow: Litfakt, 2022. 488 p.: Opinion Paper
Skibina Olga Mikhailovna
3697-3699 Philological Sciences
Kudryavtseva R. A., Starygina N. N., Lyubimov N. I., Nikiforova K. G. Modern Mari Lyrical Poetry: Artistic Models of the World and the Poetics of Creative Individuality: A Collective Monograph / Mari State University. Yoshkar-Ola, 2022. 181 p.: Opinion Paper
Khabibullina Flera Yakhyatovna, Ivanova Iraida Gennadievna
3700-3702 Philological Sciences
Motif of the Journey (Female Quest) and the Features of Its Implementation in the Russian Folk Tales with CIP 432 “Finist the Bright Falcon” Plot
Akhmedzianova Almira Rashidovna
3703-3708 Philological Sciences
<The Author’s Confession> by N. V. Gogol in the Critical Reception of the First Wave of Russian Emigration
Balakshina Julia Valentinovna
3709-3713 Philological Sciences
Synthetic Matrix of I. Bunin’s Translated Short Story “The Young Pilgrim”
Bogdanova Olga Vladimirovna, Liu Minjie
3714-3720 Philological Sciences
“What Can We Talk about Now, If Not about Gogol’s Letters?”: Yu. F. Samarin on “Selected Passages from Correspondence with Friends”
Gavrilchenko Oksana Vladimirovna
3721-3726 Philological Sciences
Features of a Fool and a Jester in the Image of a Character from A. F. Pisemsky’s Comedy “The Hypochondriac”
Kazaryan Nadezhda Sergeevna
3727-3731 Philological Sciences
Colour Blue in the Armenian Text of Russian Poetry (Interpretation of Data of the Software System “Hypertext Search for Companion Words in Author’s Texts”)
Pavlova Larisa Victorovna, Romanova Irina Victorovna
3732-3738 Philological Sciences
Plot about the Fallen Woman in the Literature of the 1840s-1860s: Formation and Variants
Pecherskaya Tatyana Ivanovna
3739-3747 Philological Sciences
Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach’s Prose in the Newspapers of the Russian Empire at the Turn of the XIX-XX Centuries: Translation Reception
Seryagina Yulia Sergeevna
3748-3754 Philological Sciences
China through the Eyes of Russian Navigators: Forgotten Notes by V. A. Rimsky-Korsakov
Fetisova Lidiya Evgen’evna
3755-3760 Philological Sciences
Specifics of the First Autobiographical Narratives of the Northern Literature of Yakutia (“The Life of Imteurgin Senior” by T. Odulok, “My Childhood” by N. Tarabukin)
Burtseva Zhanna Valerievna
3761-3766 Philological Sciences
The Great Patriotic War in I. M. Sosin’s Short Stories: Imagery and Artistic Features
Grigoreva Ludmila Pavlovna, Nesterova Inna Sofronovna
3767-3771 Philological Sciences
Role of Oral and Written Monuments in the Study of Tatar Mythology
Mukhametzianova Liliia Khatipovna, Davletshina Leila Khasanovna
3772-3776 Philological Sciences
Relevant Issues of Studying the Nart Epic
Takazov Fedar Magometovich
3777-3782 Philological Sciences
Artistic Originality of L. Chebodaeva’s Works for Children
Cheltygmasheva Larisa Viktorovna
3783-3788 Philological Sciences
“Gentle Maiden, Pure and Fair”: Tradition and Innovation in Song Hymn Genre by the Example of “Hymn to the Tulip” by Zuo Feng (252-300)
Malakhevich Daria Yevgenyevna
3789-3793 Philological Sciences
The Modern English-Language Novel
Sokolova Irina Vsevolodovna, Shishkova Irina Alekseevna, Keshokova Elena Alimovna
3794-3799 Philological Sciences
The Poetics of the Initiation Novel in Modern US Literature
Shalimova Nadezhda Sergeevna
3800-3803 Philological Sciences
Pragmatic Theory of Literature as a New Direction in Literary Criticism
Konkin Andrey Alexandrovich, Kotenko Vladimir Viktorovich
3804-3812 Philological Sciences
New Poetic Translation and Analysis of Figurative and Expressive Means Used in Du Fu’s Poem “I’m Leaving Langzhong”
Skvortsov Arseny Vladimirovich, Kondratova Tatyana Ivanovna
3813-3819 Philological Sciences
Novak Ya. Czech Language for Beginners. Moscow: AST, 2022. 320 p.: Opinion Paper
Izotov Andrey Ivanovich
3821-3823 Philological Sciences
Choosing the Meaning of the Animacy Category for the Collocation «юридическое лицо» in Business Media Discourse
Butorina Elena Petrovna
3824-3829 Philological Sciences
Lexico-Semantic Organisation of Legal Discourse
Vorontsova Julia Aleksandrovna, Galieva Dina Aslyamovna, Khoroshko Elena Jurevna
3830-3836 Philological Sciences
Eponymic Terms as Fragments of Terminological Systems of Medicine Sublanguage
Kazarina Svetlana Georgievna, Gulyaeva Tatyana Urevna
3837-3842 Philological Sciences
Names of Premises and Outbuildings Adjacent to Residential Part of House in Arkhangelsk Region Dialects
Kuzmina Andzhela Magomed-Gadzhievna
3843-3848 Philological Sciences
Reflection of National Stereotypes in Paroemias with a Name of Sewing and Knitting Tools as a Component in Russian Linguoculture against the Background of Chinese Linguoculture
Liu Yue
3849-3853 Philological Sciences
Linguosemiotic Aspect of Studying Gluttony in Subdialects of Baikal Siberia (by the Example of a Denotative Group of Signs)
Ogdonova Tsyrena Tsytsykovna
3854-3858 Philological Sciences
Russian Hinterland: The Linguistic Explication of the Semantics of the Province
Parshina Olga Dmitrievna
3859-3868 Philological Sciences
Ways of Word Formation of Adverbs in Russian Subdialects of the Amur River Region
Sadchenko Valentina Tarasovna, Dun Cinfey
3869-3878 Philological Sciences
Calquing as a Mechanism of Linguistic Image Creation
Senko Elena Viktorovna
3879-3885 Philological Sciences
Intertextuality and Features of Its Realisation in the “Spiritual Diary” Speech Genre (by the Material of Texts by the Protopresbyter A. Schmemann): A Theolinguistic Aspect
Smirnov Evgeny Sergeevich, Kolobaev Pavel Alekseevich
3886-3891 Philological Sciences
Lexico-Semantic Features of Intra-Phrasal Code Switching in the Conditions of Udmurt-Russian Bilingualism
Kondrat'eva Natal'ya Vladimirovna, Bezenova Mariya Petrovna
3892-3899 Philological Sciences
The Image of Man in the Lower Kolyma Old-Timers’ Sub-Dialects of Yakutia
Kochmar Olesya Nikolaevna, Egorova Tuyara Nikolaevna
3900-3908 Philological Sciences
Systemic Relations of Evenk Toponyms with the Root “бира-”
Merkel Elena Vladimirovna, Marandich Yulia Valeryevna
3909-3914 Philological Sciences
Obsolete Lexemes Verbalising the Concept ТАБЫЛЛЫЫ ‘LUCK’ in the Yakut Language
Prokop’eva Alena Kirillovna, Dyakonova Alina Alexandrovna
3915-3921 Philological Sciences
Phraseological Units with the Somatism Component kös ‘Eye’ in the Altai Language
Chumakaev Alexsei Eduardovich
3922-3927 Philological Sciences
Study of Variability of Phraseological Units of Biblical Origin (by the Material of English and German Corpus Data)
Bakina Anna Dmitrievna
3928-3937 Philological Sciences
Peculiarities of Russian-to-English Translation of Terms Related to the History of the Service Class of Russia in the XVI-XVII Centuries
Balykina Maria Igorevna, Grishakova Ekaterina Sergeevna
3938-3942 Philological Sciences
Communicative and Pragmatic Aspects of the Functioning of English-Language Borrowings in the Norwegian Economic Discourse (by the Material of Internet Texts on Crisis Management)
Borovikova Irina Vyacheslavovna
3943-3950 Philological Sciences
Psycholinguistic Mechanisms of Speech Production as a Prerequisite for the Functioning of Lexical and Syntactic Features of Spontaneous and Prepared Speech (a Research Based on the English Language)
Vlasova Diana Valentinovna, Stanchuliak Tatiana Gennadyevna, Samokhin Ivan Sergeyevich
3951-3957 Philological Sciences
Features of Translation of Everyday Colloquial Vocabulary by the Material of A. S. Pushkin’s Novel in Verse “Eugene Onegin”
Grushina Margarita Vladimirovna, Sakharova Anna Vladimirovna, Ostapenko Oksana Grigorievna, Larina Svetlana Germanovna
3958-3963 Philological Sciences
Active Processes in the Vowel and Consonant Systems of British Received Pronunciation
Kamardina Yuliya Sergeevna, Churanov Aleksandr Yevgenyevich
3964-3969 Philological Sciences
Organization and Semantic Relations within the Lexico-Semantic Field “Landscape Architecture” (by the Material of the English Language)
Kaneeva Anastasia Sergeevna, Bodnaruk Elena Vladimirovna
3970-3975 Philological Sciences
The Hedging Marker “Quasi” in the Function of a Discursive Word
Serebrova Olesia Felixovna
3976-3982 Philological Sciences
Hint as a Regulator of Social Behaviour of the Representatives of German Linguoculture (by the Example of German Administrative Announcements)
Shtukaturova Elizaveta Petrovna
3983-3988 Philological Sciences
Metaphor as an Evaluation of the Interaction “Medical Worker ↔ Patient” in the French Online Medical Discourse
Barasheva Lidya Gennadievna
3989-3993 Philological Sciences
Voluntative Modality in Poetic Discourse (in German, English and Ossetian Linguocultures)
Dreeva Dzhanetta Murzabekovna, Otroshenko Anastasia Ivanovna, Tolparova Dzerassa Valerievna
3994-3999 Philological Sciences
Genre of Mission Statements in Russian-Language Banking Discourse: Structure, Pragmatics and Linguistic Means
Drozhashchikh Alexander Vladimirovich
4000-4004 Philological Sciences
Phraseological Units with the Components «время» / “time” / “temps” as a Reflection of the Features of Reality Conceptualisation by Linguistic Means
Zalipaeva Zhanna Pavlovna, Selifonova Elena Dmitrievna, Sleptsova Larisa Arkadyevna
4005-4010 Philological Sciences
Transformation of a Phraseological Expression into an Urbanistic Concept
Kolodina Nina Ivanovna
4011-4017 Philological Sciences
Procedural Code as a Cognitive Mechanism of the Paremiological Worldview
Kremshokalova Marina Chaflenovna, Gelyastanova Asiyat Lvovna, Urusov Ruslan Khatalievich
4018-4022 Philological Sciences
Precedence in Ironic Fiction Discourse: A Functional and Pragmatic Aspect
Kuznetsova Anna Vladimirovna
4023-4028 Philological Sciences
Linguistic Representation of the PRIVACY Concept (by the Material of Idiomatic Expressions of the English Language)
Lysenkova Violetta Nikolaevna
4029-4034 Philological Sciences
Linguistic Security of Political Discourse in Terms of Translation Ecology (by the Material of Vladimir Putin’s Interviews and Their Translations into English)
Plotnikova Maria Vjacheslavovna, Tomilova Aleksandra Igorevna
4035-4040 Philological Sciences
Linguistic and Cultural Characteristics of Vaccination Social Advertising in China
Semenova Aiyyna Vasilievna, Filippova Sargylana Vasilievna
4041-4046 Philological Sciences
Modern Trends in Web Slang Word Formation (by the Material of the French Language)
Dementev Nikita Romanovich
4047-4053 Philological Sciences
Argumentative Discourse: Specific Features of Persuasion in Russian and English Speech
Ivanova Yulia Evgenievna, Maznichka Maria Romanovna
4054-4059 Philological Sciences
Toponyms Use in Evaluative -Characterizing Function in the English-Language and Russian-Language Fictional Discourse
Kondrashova (Kozmina) Vera Niсkolaevna, Shustrova Elena Nickolaevna
4060-4065 Philological Sciences
Sensory Vocabulary Distribution in the Local Armenian Texts of the XIX-XXI Centuries
Andreev Sergey Nickolayevich
4066-4073 Philological Sciences
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