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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2022. № 2.
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Formal Experiments in the Poetry of the Russian "Eastern" Emigration (V. Pereleshin and V. Mart)
Bogdanova Olga Vladimirovna, Zang Yunmei
231-235 Philological Sciences
Apocalyptic Motives in M. Yu. Lermontov’s Poem "Demon"
Vinogradova Oksana Nikolaevna
236-240 Philological Sciences
Image of the World Seen by a Child in F. I. Chudakov’s "Spring Extracts" "Philik at the Dacha"
Lapteva Natalya Andreyevna
241-247 Philological Sciences
Plots of Stories from Leo Tolstoy’s "Alphabet"
Nasiri Nafiseh
248-251 Philological Sciences
Originality of the Poetics of the Cycle "House under a Pear Tree" by E. Vasilyeva
Niu Yan
252-257 Philological Sciences
Verbal and Non-Verbal Means of Communicating the Creator’s Alternative Consciousness in V. V. Nolletov’s Novella "Ward No. 8"
Royko Oksana Valentinovna
258-262 Philological Sciences
Image of Crimea in the Lyrical Travel Cycle of the Second Half of the XX Century
Samoylenko Viktoria Alexandrovna
263-267 Philological Sciences
Manuscript Stage in the History of Creation of L. N. Tolstoy’s Short Story "Two Old Men" (1885-1886): Issues of Textual Studies and Poetics
Sizova Irina Igorevna
268-280 Philological Sciences
Metaphorical Images of Space in the Russian Traditional Recruitment Rites of Udmurtia: The "On the Road" Themes
Tolkacheva Svetlana Viktorovna
281-286 Philological Sciences
Life Writing, Novel and Anecdote as Models of Autonarrative in Russian Memoirs of the Second Half of the 18th Century
Farafonova Oksana Anatolievna
287-291 Philological Sciences
Instantaneous Transfer into Another Time Technique in Valentin Kataev’s Novella "The Little Iron Door in the Wall" and Boris Rakhmanin’s Novella "Clock without Hands"
Tsurueva Petimat Sharipovna
292-297 Philological Sciences
Courage as Philosophy of Being (Based on the Creative Work of A. Akhmatova and O. Bergholz during the Great Patriotic War)
Zhang Wei
298-303 Philological Sciences
Historical Inversion as a Chronotope of Social Circumstances in the Poem "The Wounded Aurochs" by the Classic of the Karachai-Balkarian Literature Kyazim Mechiev
Bittirova Tamara Shamsudinovna
304-310 Philological Sciences
Infinitive Writing in the Russian-Language Poems by the Udmurt Writer Vyacheslav Ar-Sergi
Panteleeva Evgeniya Vladimirovna
311-316 Philological Sciences
Artistic Peculiarities of the Udmurt Poet T. I. Shmakov’s Front-Line Lyrics
Petrova Elena Nikiforovna
317-323 Philological Sciences
Process of Formation and Development of Russian-Language Literature in Chechnya
Tataeva Rovsan Bovkievna
324-329 Philological Sciences
Narrative Credibility and Artistic Speculation in A. Aydamirov’s ("Lightning in the Mountains"), Sh. Okuev’s ("Red Flowers on the Snow") and M. Mamakaev’s ("Zelimkhan") Works
Tovsultanova Dzhamilya Salavdiyevna, Daudova Mata Ismailovna
330-335 Philological Sciences
Carnivalization as an Element of Postmodernist Author’s Play in C. Ransmayr’s Novel "The Last World"
Dusina Natalia Viktorovna, Zotova Lyudmila Ivanovna, Abanina Tatiana Stepanovna
336-340 Philological Sciences
Nature of Conflict of "Silent" and "Boomer" Generations in Works by K. Ishiguro
Lyubeeva Svetlana Vasilievna
341-345 Philological Sciences
Сhronotope Specificity of J. R. R. Tolkien’s Trilogy "The Lord of the Rings"
Osmukhina Olga Yurievna, Knyazeva Alina Aleksandrovna
346-351 Philological Sciences
Genre of the Parable Short-Short Story in Japanese Literature (by the Example of Shinichi Hoshi’s Works)
Pinkovskiy Vitaly Ivanovich, Poleschuk Victoria Vladimirovna
352-356 Philological Sciences
Man at War in H. P. Lovecraft’s Short Stories: Insanity of Character, Suicide of Civilization
Razumov Igor Alexeevich
357-362 Philological Sciences
Existential Issues in E. M. Remarque’s Anti-War Works
Frolov Dmitry Mikhaylovich
363-367 Philological Sciences
National History Coverage in the Context of Modern English-Language Multicultural Prose (by the Material of Jhumpa Lahiri’s Novel "The Lowland")
Shevchenko Arina Rafailyevna
368-373 Philological Sciences
Duke of Albany in Comparison of Two Versions of "King Lear" by W. Shakespeare
Shipilova Natalia Vitalyevna
374-381 Philological Sciences
Motive of Exile in the Cuban American Literature
Shkilev Roman Evgenievich, Dulalaeva Irina Yulievna
382-386 Philological Sciences
Translation of Comics as a Special Type of Synthetic Text
Narbut Elena Vladimirovna
387-391 Philological Sciences
Gladrov V., Kotorova E. G. Models of Speech Behaviour in German and Russian Communicative Culture. Moscow: YaSK Publ., 2021. 472 p.: Opinion Paper
Izotov Andrey Ivanovich
393-395 Philological Sciences
Anthroponym Пётр in Kuban Onomasticon: Realization of Morphoderivative Potentialities
Belyaeva Marina Yurievna, Sartaeva Liudmila Ivanovna
396-401 Philological Sciences
Types of Addresses in the Educational Dialogue
Galanova Ekaterina Mikhailovna, Gavrin Aleksandra Ivanovna
402-406 Philological Sciences
Communicative Potential of the Russian Language Morphological Means in the WhatsApp Messenger
Grebelnik Tatyana Vladimirovna
407-412 Philological Sciences
Verbal Aggression: Forms and Spheres of Existence. Cultural and National Specificity of Manifestation
Nikonova Nadezda Vladimirovna, Petrova Anna Sergeevna, Rashidova Dzhamila Tofikovna
413-418 Philological Sciences
Stylistic Differentiation of Prefixal Verbs in the Russian Language (by the Example of Verb Group with the Meaning of "Beginning")
Panina Elena Igorevna
419-423 Philological Sciences
Set Expressions in the Function of Truisms
Romanova Galina Viktorovna
424-432 Philological Sciences
Semantic and Syntactic Capabilities of the Free Infinitive (by the Material of O. E. Mandelstam’s Poetry)
Satina Tatyana Vasilyevna
433-437 Philological Sciences
Vocative Forms in the Modern Russian Language (by the Material of the Russian National Corpus)
Soboleva Olga Vladimirovna
438-442 Philological Sciences
Phraseosemantic Field "Temporality" in the Modern Russian Language
Sherstyanykh Inna Valeryevna
443-448 Philological Sciences
Onomasticon of Tatar Written Sources (by the Example of the Written Monument "Daftar-i Chingiz-name")
Valieva Mileusha Zakievna
449-453 Philological Sciences
Composition Features of a Complex Syntactic Unity in the Tatar Language
Giniyatullina Liliya Minnullovna
454-458 Philological Sciences
Geographical Terms Denoting the Swamp and Its Parts in the Vocabulary of the Eastern Dialect of the Tatar Language
Khisamov Oleg Rishatovich, Khusainova Alina Yamilevna
459-463 Philological Sciences
Main Trends in Changes to the General Word-Stock of the German Language
Doynikova Marina Igorevna
464-468 Philological Sciences
Present Subjunctive in the English Language. Holistic Approach
Zhulina Ekaterina Borisovna
469-473 Philological Sciences
Analysing the Genre Specificity of Football Commentary by the Material of the English Language
Zanozina Vlada Vadimovna
474-478 Philological Sciences
Limerick as Genre of English Nonsense Verse in Aspect of Translation
Zayukova Elena Viktorovna
479-483 Philological Sciences
Speech Influence Means in the Migration Policy of the "Alliance 90 / The Greens" Party
Katalkina Natalia Anatolyevna, Ripacheva Elena Anatolyevna, Korablyova Svetlana Albertovna, Zelinskaya Julia Alexandrovna
484-489 Philological Sciences
Role of Stylistic Expressive Means in Creating the Protagonist’s Image in R. L. Stevenson’s Novel "Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"
Korshunova Elena Sergeevna
490-493 Philological Sciences
Sarcasm as Speech Means of Implementing Politician Discrediting Strategy (by the Material of the German Mass Media Texts about D. Trump)
Lezhnina Anna Sergeevna
494-499 Philological Sciences
Specificity of Lexicographic Work on German Negative Evaluative Lexical Units
Nikolaeva Nailya Tagirovna, Turetskova Irina Valeryevna
500-504 Philological Sciences
Role of Heuristic Potential in Realization of Technical Imagery in Foreign Science Fiction
Pankratova Svetlana Anatolyevna
505-509 Philological Sciences
Implicit Representation of the MOVEMENT Concept by Sound Verbs with the NOISE Seme (by the Material of the German Language)
Petryanina Olga Valeryevna, Revina Elena Vladimirovna
510-514 Philological Sciences
Pragmalinguistic Characteristics of the Genre of an English-Language Academic Article: Discursive Analysis
Sukhomlinova Marina Anatolyevna
515-523 Philological Sciences
Abbreviated Terminology of Foreign-Language Discourse of Emergency Situation Sphere in Contrastive Aspect (English and German Languages)
Uyutova Evgeniya Viktorovna, Vetzper Natalia Nikolaevna, Kazakova Svetlana Anatolievna
524-531 Philological Sciences
A Hint in the German Film Discourse: The Addressee’s Reaction
Shtukaturova Elizaveta Petrovna
532-536 Philological Sciences
Main Techniques of Linguistic Economy in Internet Discourse (by the Material of Spanish Social Networks)
Ivlieva Elena Alexeevna
537-542 Philological Sciences
Alternative Transliterations of a Portuguese Sound [s] in Portuguese Aljamia Texts of the XVI Century
Mazniak Maria Mikhailovna, Tikhonova Oxana Viktorovna
543-547 Philological Sciences
Image of Young Woman in French Paroemia with Gender Component "fille"
Smirnova Vera Anatolievna
548-553 Philological Sciences
Using a Parallel Corpus to Translate Ethnocultural Collocations
Arkhipova Elena Ivanovna
554-558 Philological Sciences
Analysis of Word-Formation Mechanisms of Creating Slang Expressions by Young People in the Chinese Language
Pavlova Olesya Vladimirovna, Radzhabova Lada Kazimovna
559-563 Philological Sciences
Expression of Indirect Disagreement within Diplomatic Discourse
Tkacheva Yulia Sergeevna
564-568 Philological Sciences
Semantics of Impersonal Constructions with Subject of State in Dative Case in the German and Russian Languages
Averina Anna Viktorovna
569-575 Philological Sciences
Structure and Formatting of an Entry in the "Russian-English Dictionary of Euphemistic Phraseological Units"
Arsentyeva Yulia Svyatoslavovna
576-581 Philological Sciences
Reconstructing the Deep Meaning of M. Lokhvitskaya’s and A. Levy’s Amorous Poetry through an Ambivalent Image of Nature
Bondarenko Irina Viktorovna
582-586 Philological Sciences
Conflict Situation in Translation Aspect (by the Example of the Translation of English-Language and Russian-Language Conflictogenic Words Based on Evaluative Connotation)
Dediukhina Anna Sergeevna, Ivanova Svetlana Anatolievna, Shageeva Anna Alexeevna
587-592 Philological Sciences
Lacunarity in a Literary Text in the Aspect of Translation from Russian into Chinese (by the Example of A. P. Chekhov’s Novella "The Man in the Case")
Du Xin
593-597 Philological Sciences
Features of "Wordplay" and Puns in Advertising by the Material of the English and French Languages
Kuzmina Elena Konstantinovna
598-602 Philological Sciences
Issues of Using the Domestication Strategy in Realia Translation (by the Material of Chinghiz Aitmatov’s Works Translated into English)
Morilova Ekaterina Sergeevna, Zinkevich Anastasia Aleksandrovna
603-608 Philological Sciences
Interlanguage Semantic Similarities and National and Cultural Specificity of Lexeme "Intelligence" and Its French Translation Equivalents
Sukhorukova Yulia Sergeevna
609-615 Philological Sciences
The Influence of the Cultural Aspect on the Translation of Proverbs and Idioms (A Case Study of the Tajiki/Persian, Russian and English Languages)
Tursunov Faezdzhon Meliboevich
616-620 Philological Sciences
Linguocognitive Modelling of the US Election Discourse during the Global Pandemic
Kasimova Diana Ildusovna, Grigoryeva Lidia Mikhailovna
621-625 Philological Sciences
Study of Rhythmic Organization of Modern News Radio Text (by the Material of Texts from Public Russian Radio Stations)
Liu Feifei, Gao Qian, Vasilyeva Victoria Vladimirovna
626-633 Philological Sciences
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