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SOURCE:    Historical, Philosophical, Political and Law Sciences, Culturology and Study of Art.
Issues of Theory and Practice
. Tambov: Gramota, 2014. № 9. Part 1. P. 71-74.
SCIENTIFIC AREA:    Culturology
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Evmenova Larisa Nikolaevna, Mitasova Svetlana Alekseevna
Siberian Federal University

Abstract. In the article the culturological analysis of modern Old Believers’ temples is given. The authors conclude that the architectural traditions of ancient Orthodoxy are actualized in the form of the reproduction of the types and styles of wood churches, which are typical for Siberia. First of all these are steepled and blockhouse churches. Stone temples replicate pre-schism models and also the pseudo-Russian style of the beginning of the XX century, when there was the "Old Belief revival". The authors suppose that not numerous Siberian religious architecture of the Old Belief is an important phenomenon of the Russian-Siberian culture, which helps the coming generations to find national identity.
Key words and phrases: современная старообрядческая культура Сибири, сибирская православная архитектура, национальная идентичность, православные храмы, актуализация традиций, modern Old Believers’ culture of Siberia, the Siberian Orthodox architecture, national identity, Orthodox temples, actualization of traditions
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