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SOURCE:   Historical, Philosophical, Political and Law Sciences, Culturology and Study of Art.
Issues of Theory and Practice
. Tambov: Gramota, 2016. № 11. Part 2. P. 115-118.
SCIENTIFIC AREA: Historical Sciences and Archeology
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Karakchiev Vladislav Nikolaevich
Institute of Language, Literature and History of the Komi Scientific Center of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Abstract. The article examines the activity of inferior powers of the Komi Autonomous District. The regional newspaper "Yugyd Tui" ("Path of Light") that was published in the 1920s served as the research material. This periodical covered the most relevant problems of inferior powers, discussed the state of the volost executive committees and made proposals to improve the work. The newspaper also published normative documents, which regulated the activity of the volost executive committees. The materials are presented by the National Library of the Komi Republic.
Key words and phrases: волостные исполнительные комитеты, Коми автономная область, состояние аппарата власти, газета "Югыд туй" ("Светлый путь"), деятельность органов власти, volost executive committees, Komi Autonomous District, state of authority apparatus, newspaper "Yugyd Tui" ("Path of Light"), activity of power bodies.
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  1. Bol'shelugskii VIK // Yugyd tui. 1923. 20 sentyabrya.
  2. Volispolkom - k?zyain volost'yn // Yugyd tui. 1929. 6 fevralya.
  3. Volispolkomy i sel'skoe khozyaistvo // Yugyd tui. 1924. 15 marta.
  4. Vyl'gortskii volispolkom // Yugyd tui. 1923. 30 maya.
  5. Gosudarstvennyi apparat v volostyakh // Yugyd tui. 1924. 27 aprelya.
  6. Zabytyi VIK // Yugyd tui. 1923. 17 marta.
  7. Za izbienie chlenov VIK // Yugyd tui. 1921. 21 sentyabrya.
  8. Zelenetskaya volost' // Yugyd tui. 1924. 27 yanvarya.
  9. Kak zhivet Letskaya volost' // Yugyd tui. 1925. 13 avgusta.
  10. Kak uluchshit' rabotu VIK? // Yugyd tui. 1928. 13 aprelya.
  11. Kiberskaya volost' // Yugyd tui. 1924. 29 marta.
  12. K perevyboram sovetov // Yugyd tui. 1928. 20 sentyabrya.
  13. Nam pishut. Nuzhno blagodarit' graddortsev // Yugyd tui. 1923. 8 iyunya.
  14. Neobkhodimo VIKam polnost'yu ispol'zovat' svoi prava // Yugyd tui. 1926. 1 aprelya.
  15. Neskol'ko slov o VIK // Yugyd tui. 1922. 10 sentyabrya.
  16. Nuzhno naladit' rabotu sektsii pri VIKakh // Yugyd tui. 1926. 21 sentyabrya.
  17. Prava i obyazannosti volispolkomov i sel'sovetov // Yugyd tui. 1924. 7 marta.
  18. Predsedatel' volispolkoma p'yanstvuet // Yugyd tui. 1925. 26 noyabrya.
  19. Revizionnye komissii pri VIKakh // Yugyd tui. 1926. 24 marta.
  20. Retivyi predsedatel' VIK // Yugyd tui. 1926. 29 iyunya.
  21. Uluchshenie raboty VIK // Yugyd tui. 1928. 19 fevralya.
  22. Uproshchenie deloproizvodstva VIKov // Yugyd tui. 1927. 7 aprelya.
  23. Shan'gina V. V. Deyatel'nost' mestnykh Sovetov Komi avtonomnoi oblasti po sozdaniyu osnov sotsialisticheskoi ekonomiki v gody pervoi pyatiletki: diss. … k.i.n. Syktyvkar, 1975 // Arkhiv Komi nauchnogo tsentra UrO RAN. F. 5. Op. 2.

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