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SOURCE:    Manuscript. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. № 10.
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The Russian Musical Art of the Early XX Century: Poles
Demchenko Aleksandr Ivanovich
2003-2012 Study of Art
Methods of Art Criticism: A Historical Review
Shchipina Rimma Vladimirovna
2013-2023 Study of Art
Origins of Public Mutual Assistance as a Form of Social Solidarity of the Russians
Grigoryev Valeriy Sergeevich
2024-2028 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Image of Soviet Past in Fiction Films of Perestroika Era
Kolesnikova Alexandra Gennadevna
2029-2032 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Woman and Love at War in a Submarine Sailor’s Front-Line Diary: Gender and Anthropological Aspect
Postnikova Yekaterina Georgievna, Lyubetsky Artyom Evgen’evich, Sennikova Ksenia Georgievna
2033-2046 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Predictors of Workers’ Protest in the USSR at the End of the 1920s - the Beginning of the 1930s: Perceived Injustice and Related Emotions (by the Materials of the Lower Volga Region)
Tyurin Alexey Olegovich
2047-2052 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Trento Campaign of 1703 through the Eyes of Eyewitnesses
Kutishchev Alexander Vasilievich
2053-2060 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Traditional Obstetrics, Puerperal Rites and Child Nursing among Mongolian People (by the Materials of Medical and Sanitary Expeditions of the People’s Commissariat of Health of the RSFSR)
Miyagasheva Surzhana Borisovna
2061-2066 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Indigenous Minorities of the Russian Far East in History of World War II and the Great Patriotic War: A Moment of Historical Memory
Podmaskin Vladimir Viktorovich
2067-2073 Historical Sciences and Archeology
US-Russia Relations in Syrian Conflict in the Mirror of Internal Political Debate within the Second Obama Administration (2012-2016)
Nadtochey Yurii Ivanovich, Khristenko Dmitrii Nikolaevich
2074-2081 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Integrative and Regulatory Unity of Language and Human Image
Nesterenko Yulia Anatolyevna
2082-2086 Philosophical Sciences
Line and Image: Structure of Reflection
Shevtsov Konstantin Pavlovich
2087-2091 Philosophical Sciences
Idea of Patriotism in I. Kant’s Critical Philosophy
Kilin Sergey Vladimirovich
2092-2096 Philosophical Sciences
L. Wittgenstein and Religious Education
Medvedev Nikolai Vladimirovich
2097-2101 Philosophical Sciences
Problem of Formation of School and University Students’ Historical Awareness on the Internet: Value-Based Approach
Emelyanenko Vladimir Dmitrievich, Vetoshko Alexander Nikolaevich, Zolotarev Alexey Vadimovich, Matakov Konstantin Anatolyevich
2102-2107 Philosophical Sciences
War in Modern Discourse: Struggle as a Universal Principle of Worldview
Gulevsky Alexey Nikolaevich
2108-2115 Philosophical Sciences
Transformation of Human Existence in the Context of Global Problems Aggravation
Popkova Natalya Alexandrovna
2116-2120 Philosophical Sciences
Consumerist: Positive and Negative Properties of His Social Appearance
Sabirov Askadula Galimzyanovich, Sabirova Lilya Andreyevna
2121-2124 Philosophical Sciences
Model of the Domestic Political Process: Historiosophical Discourse (Article 1)
Tambiyants Yulian Grigorievich, Grin Maxim Valentinovich, Ivanenko Igor Nikolaevich
2125-2130 Philosophical Sciences
Man the Manifestor: Existential Aspects of Manifestation
Valuev Dmitry Georgiyevich
2131-2139 Philosophical Sciences
Similarities and Differences in the Vietnam and Afghan War Veterans’ Personal Moral Experience
Vedernikov Georgy Andreevich
2140-2148 Philosophical Sciences
Cognitive-Pragmatic Anthropological Analysis of Video Games
Klyuev Artem Andreevich, Klyueva Elena Nikolaevna
2149-2153 Philosophical Sciences
Factors and Criteria of Cultural Renaissance as a Reflection of Interaction between Ethnic Symbolism and Iconicity of Mass Culture: by the Example of Yakut Culture
Pudov Aleksei Grigorievich
2154-2161 Philosophical Sciences
Axiological Potential of Rural Tourism (by the Example of "Lion House" Museum)
Turov Rostislav Sergeevich
2162-2166 Philosophical Sciences
Content of Religious Activities in Places of Detention
Belov Petr Yuryevich
2167-2172 Philosophical Sciences
On the Origins of Viennese Waltz: Franz Schubert’s Dance Cycles
Guo Qing
2173-2178 Study of Art
Ways of Comprehending the Musical Content of a Piano Work by a Young Musician (by the Example of F. Liszt’s Play "The Alpine Shepherdess")
Danilova Darya Viktorovna
2179-2186 Study of Art
Neoclassicism in I. F. Stravinsky’s Creative Heritage: Genres, Forms and Musical Language
Lyu Vanchzhu
2187-2192 Study of Art
Semantic Analysis of Musical and Artistic Content of F. Liszt’s "Transcendental Etudes" (Based on As-dur and f-moll Etudes)
Steyt Natalia Garievna
2193-2202 Study of Art
National Specificity of Zhang Wu’s "Variations on Subei Theme for Clarinet and Piano" in the Context of Chinese Musical Works of 1949-1966
Zhang Mingyi
2203-2212 Study of Art
Interpretative Methodological Analysis of Boris Tchaikovsky’s Vocal Cycle "Pushkin’s Lyrics"
Sharnina Lyubov Aleksandrovna
2213-2219 Study of Art
Fight against Formalism in the Visual Arts of Tatarstan in the 1930s-1940s
Avdoshina Svetlana Arsenovna
2220-2224 Study of Art
Russian Church Silver in Museum Collections of Krasnoyarsk Territory: Structural Features of Regional Artistic Heritage
Isaeva Nionila Nikolaevna
2225-2230 Study of Art
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