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SOURCE:   Philological Sciences. Issues of Theory and Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2017. № 3. Part 2. P. 12-14. ISSN 1997-2911.
SCIENTIFIC AREA: Philological Sciences
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Beshkarev Aleksei Aleksandrovich
Syktyvkar State University named after Pitirim Sorokin

Abstract. The article considers the history and current state of the site "7x7", which was started as a regional project and was able to expand its audience to the All-Russian due to the competent account of modern tendencies in the development of network media. The materials representing the current problems of our society are analyzed, the development of the site at the present stage is discussed, and its unique content is studied.
Key words and phrases: мультимедийная журналистика, СМИ и власть, региональные СМИ, Республика Коми, сетевые жанры, региональная журналистика в ситуации WEB 2.0, "7х7", multimedia journalism, mass media and power, regional mass media, Komi Republic, network genres, regional journalism in situation WEB 2.0, "7x7".
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  1. Govoryashchie golovy. Chastnye mneniya svobodnykh lyudei [Elektronnyi resurs]. URL: (data obrashcheniya: 08.02.2017).
  2. Dinamika vizitov [Elektronnyi resurs] // Sem' na sem'. Novosti. Mneniya. Blogi. URL: id=1919918&period=2&date=&back=790&days=730 (data obrashcheniya: 08.02.2017).
  3. Mezhdunarodnyi den' Prav cheloveka [Elektronnyi resurs] // Internet-kanal 7kh7-TV. URL: com/watch?v=pP_0YhnnVZQ (data obrashcheniya: 08.02.2017).
  4. Nash bloger Larisa Lapina analiziruet, pochemu lyudi uezzhayut iz Komi [Elektronnyi resurs]. URL: wall-114304627_1362 (data obrashcheniya: 08.02.2017).
  5. O proekte [Elektronnyi resurs] // 7kh7. URL: (data obrashcheniya: 08.02.2017).
  6. Parkovka dlya invalidov u torgovogo tsentra Iyun' [Elektronnyi resurs]. URL: watch?v=xy5i81eM1hY (data obrashcheniya: 08.02.2017).
  7. Politsiya ne stala razgonyat' mirnoe sobranie v pamyat' o Borise Nemtsove na Stefanovskoi ploshchadi Syktyvkara, khotya ono i bylo nesoglasovannym [Elektronnyi resurs] // 7kh7. URL: (data obrashcheniya: 08.02.2017).
  8. Polyakov M., Ivanov V. Komi pravozashchitnuyu komissiyu "Memorial" proveryayut na predmet priznaniya "inostrannym agentom" [Elektronnyi resurs] // 7kh7. URL: (data obrashcheniya: 08.02.2017).
  9. Sazhin I. Ekologi b'yut trevogu po povodu prevrashcheniya Komi v yadernuyu svalku [Elektronnyi resurs] // 7kh7. URL: (data obrashcheniya: 08.02.2017).
  10. Syktyvkar - potop na ulitse Kolkhoznoi [Elektronnyi resurs] // Internet-kanal 7kh7-TV. URL: watch?v=VgLd2fqIRIo (data obrashcheniya: 08.02.2017).

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