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Procedure of Scientific Articles Publication inGramota Publishers Journals

Content of application for publishing article
Scientific articles. Format requirements
Procedure of reviewing
Publication ethics

1. Author should fill out and send an application for publishing an article. Application comprises a manuscript prepared according to Format Requirements, personal information and additional documents. We ask all the authors to follow these requirements as it helps us work quicker.

2. You should send your Application for publishing an article by e-mail to Editor of the appropriate journal. If you have any questions or comments on publication procedure, you are welcome to send them to Editor of the journal by e-mail.

3. If you send application for publishing an article you are obliged to follow Publication Ethics of Gramota Publishers.

4. Editors preliminary consideration of authors application for publishing an article takes 3working days. Editor examines if an article is suitable for one of the journal research areas; if article is arranged according to publishers format requirements to scientific articles; if article has an appropriate level of originality (no less than75%). If article does not meet these standards Editor can ask author to make necessary corrections or refuse application. Papers that are presented in software repositories of higher schools and on authors' personal sites and have not been published in any printed or electronic editions may be published in Gramota Publishers journals.

5. Editor passes manuscript for reviewing. Expert assessment of article is realized according to Gramota Publishers Procedure of Reviewing. Reviewing period is up to7working days.

6. Editorial Staff make a decision on the basis of reviewers conclusions: to publish a scientific article; to send scientific article to author for its improvement (with reviewers detailed recommendations); to decline article (with reviewers detailed comments). Editorial Staffs decision is sent to author.

7. If article is accepted for publication Editor sends billing document with Publishers banking details to author. Publications may be financed by author, authors research grant, scientific organizations and societies. You can get the information on cost of publication services from Editor. On authors request all the documents certifying article publication are given: agreements, acts of provided services, invoices, publication certificates.

8. Approved and paid article is published in the coming issue of the journal or author may choose some other issue by agreement with Publishers.

9. Authors journal is sent by registered mail. Author may request its identification number from Editor to track his journal whereabouts.

GRAMOTA Publishers suggests publishing your scientific articles in periodicals


Almanac of Modern Science and Education
Pedagogy. Issues of Theory and Practice
Philological Sciences. Issues of Theory and Practice
Historical, Philosophical, Political and Law Sciences, Culturology and Study of Art.
Issues of Theory and Practice

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Procedure of scientific articles publication
Procedure of reviewing
Publication ethics
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