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Academic Journals Issuing
Other Types of Activity
Contact Information and the Editorial Office Address

“Gramota” Publishers was founded in 2006. The main type of the Publishers’ activity is issuing academic periodicals.

Academic Journals Issuing

The Publishers’ journals contain research results of scientists and teachers within the bounds of their research work and also intermediate outcomes of theses in the form of scientific articles. The editorial staff pursue a policy aimed at achieving the proper quality of published articles by strictly following the ethics of scientific publications, involving competent experts as reviewers of received materials, observing high editorial standards of presenting articles in the journals, providing their accessibility for a wide variety of interested parties (open access journals) and reasonable time of peer-review and publication of research papers.

Other Types of Activity

The Publishers issue different scientific and educational literature: books, collections of conferences materials, monographs, learning aids, and also render the following services: theses reading, texts proofreading, translating from Russian into English and from English into Russian, making-up.

Contact Information and the Editorial Office Address

Elena Riabtseva, tel. +7(910)755-97-92
Olesya Lyabina, tel. +7(905)048-22-55
Anastasiya Manyakhina, tel. +7 (980)675-63-50
The editorial office location: Accommodation 2, 1Ж, Entuziastov boulevard, Tambov
Postal address: Post office box 4, Tambov, 392003

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