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Pan-Art (ISSN 2949-2386) is an international peer-reviewed scientific on-line journal of open access. The journal publishes scientific materials on art studies, cultural studies, and philosophy.

The journal "Pan-Art" aims to contribute to the development of the principles of universal art studies as a new scientific direction based on an interdisciplinary approach to the study of facts, names, phenomena, and trends in global artistic culture, and its integrative understanding. It envisages the study of the problems of interaction between the arts and questions of ontological orientation in the historical-chronological dimension, based on various types of artistic creativity, thus combining art studies with general historical, philosophical, sociological, psychological, cultural, philological, and other fields of scientific knowledge.

The journal is meant for the wider public of authors and readers: art critics, theater professionals, musicians, choreographers, artists, sculptors, architects and designers, restorers and museum workers, theater and literature critics, film experts, teachers of arts, and philosophers who are in the search for a better understanding of the correlation between art, culture, science, and society.

The journal was established in 2021 and is being published in the cooperation with the International Center of Complex Artistic Research of the Saratov State Conservatory (Academy).

Editor-in-Chief: A. I. Demchenko, Dr in Art Studies, Prof.

For authors

The Editorial Team of the journal invites submissions from the researchers actively engaged in scientific work related to the research areas of the journal, as well as the scholars working on their PhD dissertations, to collaborate.

The main research areas include (but are not limited to):

Theory and history of art
Theory and history of culture
Architecture and design
Fine and applied arts
Musical art
Dramatic art
Film and TV arts
Art of dancing
Interdisciplinary art studies
Conservation and restoration of historical and cultural sites
Art education
Philosophy of art and culture
Library science


Articles, essays – 1000 rubles per one.
Reviews, opinion papers – for free.
Articles should be from 10 up to 25 pages.

Procedure of Аrticles Publication

Questions, comments, submissions should be sent by e-mail:

Managing Editor: Elena Ryabtseva, PhD, Ass. Prof,
tel.: +7-910-755-97-92.

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Pedagogy. Theory & Practice
Philology. Theory & Practice

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