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SOURCE:    Almanac of Modern Science and Education. Tambov: Gramota, 2015. № 11. P. 64-67.
SCIENTIFIC AREA:    Technical Sciences
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Mitina Ol'ga Alekseevna
Moscow State Academy of Water Transport

Abstract. The management of modern industrial enterprises and organizations operating in the conditions of global instability sets in front of their owners and managers the tasks of significant increase in the efficiency and flexibility of management, as well as the substantiation of management decisions on their development while ensuring the required quality of the analysis of the large volumes of information. These considerations force companies’ leaders to implement the preparation and making of management decisions on the basis of qualitatively different mathematical models, methodologies, technologies of flexibility increase and new means of data presentation, as well as the methods of their processing and visualization.
Key words and phrases: информационная система, управление предприятием, информационные ресурсы предприятия, анализ информации, управленческие решения, information system, business management, information resources of enterprise, information analysis, management decisions
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