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SOURCE:    Historical, Philosophical, Political and Law Sciences, Culturology and Study of Art.
Issues of Theory and Practice
. Tambov: Gramota, 2015. № 12. Part 4. P. 20-23.
SCIENTIFIC AREA:    Philosophical Sciences
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Alkhasov Alysh Alkhasovich
Lomonosov Moscow State University

Abstract. The article deals with an attempt of M. Scheler to create phenomenologically oriented personalistic ethics and his conception of value a priori. The difference of Scheler’s notion of value from how it is treated in E. Husserl’s axiology is shown. The individual value ideals, personal value-essential ideas, which play an important role in M. Scheler’s philosophical and ethical argumentation, are pointed out. The author analyzes the value ontology of M. ??Scheler, his disclosure of the connection of values with real goods ??and the rank order of values, and the solution of the problem of values conceptualization.
Key words and phrases: М. Шелер, Э. Гуссерль, феноменологическая этика, аксиология, ценности, ценностное априори, ценностное бытие, личность, блага, M. Scheler, E. Husserl, phenomenological ethics, axiology, values, value a priori, value being, personality, goods
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