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SOURCE:    Historical, Philosophical, Political and Law Sciences, Culturology and Study of Art.
Issues of Theory and Practice
. Tambov: Gramota, 2017. № 10. Part 1. P. 63-68.
SCIENTIFIC AREA:    Study of Art
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Erokhin Semen Vladimirovich
Lomonosov Moscow State University

Abstract. The article is devoted to the study of the concept of postmodern architecture that was formulated by the American architect, theorist of architecture and architecture critic Charles Jencks. The author analyzed the theoretical works by Charles Jencks and concluded that the main characteristics of postmodern architecture that were specified by Jenks (historicism, revivalism, neo-vernacular, adhocism, participation, metaphorism, double-coding) correspond to the basic elements of the postmodern paradigm (intertextuality, interactivity, polysemy, postmodern metaphor, Sensibilite Postmoderne).
Key words and phrases: постмодернизм, интертекстуальность, историзм, адхокизм, партисипация, двойное кодирование, post-modern, intertextuality, historicism, adhocism, participation, double-coding
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