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SOURCE:    Historical, Philosophical, Political and Law Sciences, Culturology and Study of Art.
Issues of Theory and Practice
. Tambov: Gramota, 2017. № 3. Part 1. P. 156-159.
SCIENTIFIC AREA:    Historical Sciences and Archeology
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Tedeeva Ul'yana Shotaevna
North Ossetian State Medical Academy in Vladikavkaz

Abstract. The article is devoted to the issue of resolution of the South Ossetians’ self-determination in the 20s of the XX century, which permanently resulted in collision of Georgian-Ossetian interests. The object of consideration is socio-political processes in the life of the South Ossetian society that played an important role in determining its ethnopolitical status: South Ossetia proposed an initiative of formation of a self-governing autonomy within its territory and Georgian authorities tried to prevent separation of the territory of South Ossetia.
Key words and phrases: советская власть, Юго-Осетинская автономная область, Закавказье, Южная Осетия, осетинский народ, грузинский меньшевизм, Soviet power, South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast, Transcaucasia, South Ossetia, the Ossetian people, Georgian Menshevism
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