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SOURCE:   Manuscript. Tambov: Gramota, 2018. 10. P. 143-147.
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Tarasova Sof'ya Viktorovna
Saint Petersburg University of the Humanities and Social Sciences; St. Petersburg Glinka Childrens School of Arts

Submitted: 27.06.2018.
Abstract. The article considers one of the most famous fabulous ballets - S. Prokofievs "Cinderella". This fairy tale is more than 300 years old, but its still relevant. The story of a poor Cinderwench, who conquered the Princes heart, is the most popular among ballet stories. The charms of classical dance and S. Prokofievs emotional music have an overwhelming influence. The paper analyses in detail A. Ratmanskys version of the storyline and argues that for each choreographer the image of Cinderella is peculiar, endowed with its own individual features.
Key words and phrases: . "", , , . , . , "Cinderella" by Charles Perrault, ballet, modern version, S. Prokofievs music, choreographer A. Ratmansky.
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