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SOURCE:   Manuscript. Tambov: Gramota, 2019. № 1. P. 166-171.
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Prokhortsova Mariya Maksimovna
Saint Petersburg University

Submitted: 23.10.2018.
Abstract. The article examines the problem of representing Eucharist themes in the pictorial and sculptural Spanish reredos of the XIV-XVII centuries, which haven’t previously been in the focus of researchers’ attention. As the author shows, Eucharist stories are usually placed in the aisle and its central scene forms symbolic and compositional axis with the crucifix, the top of the composition. When oblations for laymen became less frequent reredos served as a visual substitution of Eucharist. The inclusion of tabernacles in reredos structure changes their composition towards a smaller number of images.
Key words and phrases: ретабло, евхаристический культ, визуальная компенсация причастия, дарохранительница, пресуществление, Латеранский собор, Тридентский собор, reredos, Eucharist cult, visual compensation of Eucharist, tabernacle, transubstantiation, Council of the Lateran, Council of Trent.
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