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SOURCE:   Manuscript. Tambov: Gramota, 2019. є 8. P. 188-193.
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Lapshin Pavel Viktorovich
Ogarev Mordovia State University

Submitted: 15.05.2019.
Abstract. The article analyses the experimental theatrical production "The Entertainment" (2013) in the Kentucky Route Zero video game universe from the standpoint of art history. The paper considers the narrative structure of the characters and the plot of the play in terms of cultural references and borrowings. The authorТs attention is drawn to the notion of "inversion of form" of stage space and objects of classical art forms in the meta-context of the video game, within which the synthesis of literary, dramatic and theatrical means of artistic expression takes place, together forming the subjective viewer experience through the static first-person gameplay. Conceptually substantiating references to the categories of real and artistic, being at the junction of logic and absurdity, theatre and performance, the video game "The Entertainment" turns the dramatic production of the non-existent playwright into a source of intellectual reflection allowing for discourse in interdisciplinary research.
Key words and phrases: видеоигра, анализ, форма, инверси€, метаконтекст, сцена, виртуальное пространство, средства художественной выразительности, "The Entertainment", "Kentucky Route Zero", video game, analysis, form, inversion, meta-context, scene, virtual, space, means of artistic expression, "The Entertainment", "Kentucky Route Zero".
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