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SOURCE:   Manuscript. Tambov: Gramota, 2019. № 8. P. 202-207.
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Tylik Artem Yurevich
State Budgetary Educational Institution "Lyceum № 597"

Submitted: 07.05.2019.
Abstract. The author suggests considering the tradition of the European avant-garde as one of the sources of modern street art along with the American graffiti culture of the 1960s. The article studies the motives that determined avant-garde artists’ movement from traditional exhibition spaces to the space of a modern human’s life - urban environment: art democratization, change in the format of relation between an artist and his audience, radical reconsideration of artistic work tasks, everyday life poetization. The paper shows examples of direct inheritance of the XX-century avant-garde artists’ strategies, methods and techniques by street artists.
Key words and phrases: уличное искусство, искусство в пространстве жизни, городские интервенции, поэтизация повседневности, генезис уличного искусства, street art, art in life space, urban interventions, everyday life poetization, street art genesis.
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