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SOURCE:    Almanac of Modern Science and Education. Tambov: Gramota, 2015. № 4. P. 95-98.
SCIENTIFIC AREA:    Sociological Sciences
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Kosheleva Elena Yur'evna, Amartei Dzhoziya Amarnor
National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University

Abstract. The study is devoted to the main factors causing stress among the foreign and Russian students of domestic universities that hinder successful adaptation in the conditions of the Russian higher school, and therefore have a negative impact on the academic performance and overall emotional and psychological state of students. Information about the major stressful stimuli was obtained by a questionnaire. The results show that most factors causing stress coincide in the views of foreign and Russian students and are associated with self-organization and time management.
Key words and phrases: факторы стресса, адаптация, иностранные студенты, высшее образование в России, обучение на неродном языке, ценностные ориентации молодежи, stress factors, adaptation, foreign students, higher education in Russia, training in non-native language, value orientations of youth
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