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SOURCE:   Almanac of Modern Science and Education. Tambov: Gramota, 2015. № 6. P. 70-73.
SCIENTIFIC AREA: Historical Sciences and Archeology
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Zael'skaya Svetlana Aleksandrovna
Orenburg State Pedagogical University

Abstract. The article studies the problem of professional theaters staffing with creative personnel by the materials of Ural region. The situation with the personnel of the institutions of professional art is described. Work on the attraction and assignment of talented young actors for the studied institutions is researched. Obstacles and difficulties in personnel matters are identified. The main reasons for the personnel turnover, including housing problem, are determined.
Key words and phrases: профессиональное театральное искусство, кадры театра, театральные коллективы, актер, театр оперы и балета, драматический театр, театр юного зрителя, Урал, professional theater art, theatre personnel, theater groups, actor, Opera and Ballet Theatre, Drama Theatre, Young Spectator’s Theatre, Ural region.
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