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SOURCE:    Almanac of Modern Science and Education. Tambov: Gramota, 2016. № 8. P. 79-84.
SCIENTIFIC AREA:    Pedagogical Sciences
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Sobolev Vladimir Afanas'evich, Volchenskov Valerii Ivanovich
Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Abstract. The course "Electrical Engineering and Electronics’" is an important component of training modern specialists in machine-building in the cycle of general professional disciplines established by the state educational standard of higher professional education. Operational amplifiers (OA) in the integrated circuit form, which are studied in this course, are one of the basic elements of analogous electronic devices. The article proposes methodology to conduct practical study on OA characteristics and operating regimes in Multisim 10.1 environment that allows students to acquire practical skills in using these devices and to deepen their theoretical knowledge in this sphere.
Key words and phrases: идеальный операционный усилитель (ОУ), реальный ОУ, коэффициент усиления, входное и выходное сопротивление, логарифмическая амплитудно-частотная характеристика, фазо-частотная частотная характеристика, обратная отрицательная связь, схема включения ОУ, напряжение смещения, входной ток, активный четырехполюсник, среда Multisim10.1, ideal operational amplifier (OA), actual operational amplifier, amplification factor, input and output resistance, decibel-log frequency response, phase-frequency response characteristic, negative feedback, OA circuit connection, bias voltage, input current, active quadripole, Multisim 10.1 environment
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  2. Sobolev V. A. Primenenie sredy MULTISIM 10.1 dlya izucheniya rezhimov raboty bipolyarnogo tranzistora // Al'manakh sovremennoi nauki i obrazovaniya. 2016. № 5 (107). S. 68-72.

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