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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2015. № 5. Part 1. P. 129-131.
SCIENTIFIC AREA:    Philological Sciences
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Lubozheva Lionella Nikolaevna
Chelyabinsk State University

Abstract. Nowadays the process of penetration of the professional vocabulary into the vocabulary of a colloquial language considerably intensifies. This is a large-scale process, but not a spontaneous one, it includes two stages - despecialization and determinologization, each of them is represented by several tendencies. The article examines the tendency of the stage of determinologization with the phraseologization of meaning. The examples introduced in the paper show that phraseologization of a term in the non-special register is represented by the three groups of phraseological units.
Key words and phrases: профессиональная лексика, общеупотребительный язык, деспециализация, детерминологизация, фразеологизация значения, неспециальный регистр, professional vocabulary, colloquial language, despecialization, determinologization, phraseologization of meaning, non-special register
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