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SOURCE:   Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2016. № 11. Part 2. P. 194-197.
SCIENTIFIC AREA: Pedagogical Sciences
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Mkrtchyan Nina Mikhailovna
Southern Federal University

Abstract. The article is devoted to the evolution of ideas about the nature and character of pedagogical practice in Russian pedagogical thought of the XVIII-XXI centuries. The author considers questions of continuity in understanding the content, aims, objectives, principles, the nature of supervision and organization forms of pedagogical practice at different stages of its development. Special attention is paid to the problem of optimization of pedagogical practice in recent years of the XX century, its personal-semantic aspects, and conditions of developing the professional competencies.
Key words and phrases: профессиональное педагогическое образование, ретроспективный подход, педагогическая практика, учебно-воспитательный процесс, оптимизация педпрактики, личностно-ориентированный подход, педагогическая культура, professional pedagogical education, retrospective approach, pedagogical practice, learning and educational process, optimization of pedagogical practice, personality-oriented approach, pedagogical culture.
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