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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2016. № 8. Part 2. P. 195-198.
SCIENTIFIC AREA:    Pedagogical Sciences
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Aleshnikova Lyudmila Petrovna, Aleshnikov Evgenii Alekseevich
Belgorod State Institute of Arts and Culture

Abstract. The article considers the issues of students’ activity evaluation in musical performance. The evaluation, being the product of educational activity, is expressed in a mark. It is necessary to distinguish the notions of "evaluation" and "mark". The problem of evaluation in music must be considered taking into account the specifics of musical creativity. It is determined by the pilot experimentation that the traditional forms of evaluation have a pronounced stressful character. There is a need to change the approach to pedagogical evaluation in performing classes.
Key words and phrases: педагогическая оценка, музыкальное исполнительство, музыкальное образование, оценивание, восприятие оценки и отметки (балла), pedagogical evaluation, musical performance, musical education, evaluation, perception of evaluation and mark (point)
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