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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2017. № 10. Part 1. P. 149-151.
SCIENTIFIC AREA:    Philological Sciences
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Naumenko Marina Georgievna
Southern Federal University

Abstract. The article describes conversational communicative tactics and techniques in the trilogue, a minimal form of the polylogue. Conversational tactics include different techniques and communicative moves connected with the distribution of initiative, control of the topic, control of understanding in the process of communication. The author justifies the thesis that the conversational tactics of the trilogue differ significantly from the conversational tactics of the dialogue due to the presence of the third interlocutor in the trilogue.
Key words and phrases: диалог, полилог, трилог, коммуникативная стратегия, речевая тактика, конверсационная тактика, коммуникативный приём, dialogue, polylogue, trilogue, communicative strategy, speech tactics, conversational tactics, communicative technique
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