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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2019. № 5. P. 395-398.
SCIENTIFIC AREA:    Pedagogical Sciences
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Kashcheeva Anna Vladimirovna
Derzhavin Tambov State University

Submitted: 17.03.2019
Abstract. In the article, the properties of the structure of a written text that affect its integrity are analysed, and the typical peculiarities of the structure of a foreign-language educational text are emphasized by the example of the format of an essay - personal opinion expression, which hinder the successful solution of the communicative task of creating an integral work. Satisfactory mastery of the compositional skills of the text structure and lack of realisation of the compositional content property, which results in the violation of meaning hierarchy, in particular, in the global and local rhetorical structure, are noted. As a result, the text loses the integrity property, which reduces assessment level according to the criterion "Communicative Task Performance". The author pays special attention to the need to observe the integrity of the substantive and organisational aspects of the structure while teaching text creation within the existing practice of their separate assessment and observance of the principle of text structure hierarchy as a necessary condition for its integrity.
Key words and phrases: эссе - выражение собственного мнения, структура текста, иерархичность, целостность, композиционность, риторическая структура текста, essay - personal opinion expression, text structure, hierarchy, integrity, compositionality, rhetorical text structure
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