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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2022. № 1. P. 40-45.
SCIENTIFIC AREA:    Philological Sciences
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Linguistic Representation of Pictorial Work Evaluation (by the Material of the English-Language Fiction)

Belyaeva Lyubov Yevgenyevna
Ivanovo State University

Submitted: 09.11.2021
Abstract. The paper aims to identify linguistic means used to evaluate pictorial work in the English-language fiction discourse. The article reveals the specificity of visual image representation in a literary text, considers the process of artistic image verbalization. Scientific originality of the study is conditioned by the fact that evaluation is considered as a triadic predicate with three arguments. Linguistic means of their realization are singled out. Relying on an analysis of factual material, the author identifies linguistic means to express evaluation in the English-language fiction discourse. The findings indicate that evaluation subject is represented in a unified way, whereas the second and third argument is realized in different ways. The following conclusions are justified: evaluation presupposes the use of certain linguistic means required to describe communicative-pragmatic situation in a literary text.
Key words and phrases: оценка, предикат оценки, произведение изобразительного искусства, вербальная интерпретация, evaluation, evaluative predicate, pictorial work, verbal interpretation
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