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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2023. № 7. P. 2145-2150.
SCIENTIFIC AREA:    Philological Sciences
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Individual author’s neologisms in the works of Bernardine Evaristo as a linguocultural phenomenon

Dubovitskaya Maria Anatolievna
MGIMO University

Submitted: 13.05.2023
Abstract. The paper is devoted to the topical issue of studying author’s new lexical units that reflect modern changes and realities in various spheres of society. The aim of the research is to search for and systematise individual author’s neologisms significant for the context in three works by Bernardine Evaristo. The paper provides an overview of the word-formation models of author’s occasionalisms in literary texts and also highlights the functions of neologisms. Scientific originality lies in a comprehensive consideration of author’s neologisms in the context of ethnocultural minorities using the material of modern fiction. As a result of studying neologisms in the analysed texts, the specifics of language use in various segments of London society have been revealed and the word-formation models of author’s neologisms have also been identified. In the course of the analysis, a list of 40 author’s neologisms from three novels has been compiled: “Mr. Loverman”, “Girl, Woman, Other” and “Soul Tourists”. All the selected author’s occasionalisms have a high degree of contextuality and situationality, on the one hand, but they contain common linguocognitive tendencies, on the other hand.
Key words and phrases: окказионализм, идиостиль, идиолект, социолект, неология, словообразовательная модель, функции новообразований, occasionalism, individual style, idiolect, sociolect, neology, word-formation model, functions of neologisms
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