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SOURCE:    Historical, Philosophical, Political and Law Sciences, Culturology and Study of Art.
Issues of Theory and Practice
. Tambov: Gramota, 2014. № 7. Part 2. P. 192-195.
SCIENTIFIC AREA:    Law Sciences
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Tikhanova Natal'ya Evgen'evna
Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Abstract. In the article circumstances, under which parents as first-priority heirs after their children may be deprived of the right to inherit are revealed. The mechanism of the adjudication of parents as unworthy heirs on the basis of the provisions of the current legislation and their interpretation (official and professional) is described. Special attention is drawn to those paragraphs of legal regulation that are not sufficiently studied and may cause some problems in practice. The author states and grounds her own point of view on each issue.
Key words and phrases: недостойный наследник, родители после детей, лишение родительских прав, злостное уклонение, отстранение от наследования, unworthy heir, parents after children, deprivation of parental rights, malicious evasion, removal from succession
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