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SOURCE:    Pedagogy. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2018. № 1. P. 33-36.
SCIENTIFIC AREA:    Pedagogical Sciences
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Golovyashkina Marina Aleksandrovna
Moscow Witte University

Submitted: 29.01.2018
Abstract. The article discusses the problem of using modern technical means in the educational process of the university. The advantages of using gadgets at different stages of students’ learning activity are revealed. Also, attention is paid to negative manifestations of modern technologies during classes. According to the author, mobile education has undeniable advantages in the use of portable devices, which play an important role in improving the quality of education in order to integrate the learning process into the daily life of the student.
Key words and phrases: современные технические средства коммуникации, гаджет, девайс, Интернет, мобильное образование, мобильное приложение, modern technical means of communication, gadget, device, Internet, mobile education, mobile application
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