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SOURCE:    Pedagogy. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2018. № 3. P. 66-70.
SCIENTIFIC AREA:    Pedagogical Sciences
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Fomichev Pavel Yur’evich, Rykunova Elena Sergeevna
Lomonosov Moscow State University


Submitted: 30.08.2018
Abstract. The article discusses the interaction of culture-through-language studies, which are a part of pedagogical and philological sciences, and geographical complex country studies, as well as the specificity of teaching culture-through-language studies at the MSU Faculty of Geography. If modern culture-through-language studies use country specific knowledge, the linguistic component in geographical complex country studies is not sufficiently represented. To fill this gap a special course is introduced in the curriculum at the Department of Geography of World Economy of the MSU Faculty of Geography in the current academic year. The authors consider the issue of the minimum necessary number of foreign languages, which a scientific team, engaged in complex geographical country studies of the whole world, should know.
Key words and phrases: лингвострановедение, лингвистический компонент комплексного страноведения, иностранные языки для научного коллектива географов-страноведов, специфика преподавания лингвострановедения на географическом факультете, culture-through-language studies, linguistic component of complex country studies, foreign languages for research team of geography experts, specificity of teaching culture-through-language studies at the Faculty of Geography
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