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SOURCE:    Manuscript. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. № 12. P. 2467-2471.
SCIENTIFIC AREA:    Historical Sciences and Archeology
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Mortgage in West Siberia in the Late 19th and Early 20th Century

Bocharova Tatyana Anatolievna
Altai State Pedagogical University

Submitted: 20.10.2021
Abstract. The paper aims to evaluate the influence of mortgage on the economic development of West Siberia in the late 19th and early 20th century. The study considers the forms and volume of mortgage lending implemented by the government, joint-stock and city bank establishments in the region. The scientific originality of the research lies in the fact that it provides a complex study of the issue, introduces new archival documents, statistic data and materials of pre-revolutionary periodicals into scientific circulation. The results have shown that mortgage contributed to the development of capitalist relations, being a source of funding, first of all, for financial, trade and industrial capital.
Key words and phrases: крестьянский поземельный банк, акционерные земельные банки, городские общественные банки, ипотечный кредит, Западная Сибирь, peasant’s land bank, joint-stock land banks, city public banks, mortgage, West Siberia
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