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SOURCE:    Manuscript. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. № 12.
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Karym Stage Ceramics of the Settlement of Vakhrushevskoye 1 from the Tobolsk Irtysh Land
Adamov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, Turova Natal’ya Petrovna, Zagvazdina Yana Gennad’evna
2459-2466 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Mortgage in West Siberia in the Late 19th and Early 20th Century
Bocharova Tatyana Anatolievna
2467-2471 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Small-Numbered Peoples of the North of Yakutia’s Arctic Regions in Urbanisation Processes of the Middle of the XX Century
Grigorev Stepan Alekseevich
2472-2476 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Everyday Life of Soviet Doctors in Angola (1975-1989) (by the Material of Memoir Literature)
Grigorieva Svetlana Valeryevna
2477-2481 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Obstructions as a Form of Siberian Students’ Protest at the Turn of the XIX-XX Centuries
Ishchenko Oksana Vladimirovna
2482-2489 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Transformation of Mountain Woman’s Image in Works of Dagestan Artists in the 1920-1930s: Historical and Sociocultural Aspects
Kaimarazov Gani Shikhvalievich, Kaimarazova Leila Ganievna, Akhmedova Zaripat Abdullaevna
2490-2501 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Historiography of the Activity of the Soviet Security Agencies in Western Ukraine in 1939-1953
Kanavin Ilya Sergeevich, Bezgin Vladimir Borisovich
2502-2506 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Representation of the Cold War in Soviet Live-Action Films: Conjuncture and Historical Memory
Kolesnikova Alexandra Gennadevna
2507-2511 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Ethnic and Confessional Solidarity in the Russian Turkic-Muslim World History (by the Example of the Volga Tatars’ History)
Korshunova Olga Nikolayevna, Salimgareev Maxim Vladimirovich
2512-2516 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Legal Institutionalization of People’s Control Bodies in the USSR in the Second Half of the XX Century
Kulikova Svetlana Anatolyevna, Berdnikova Elena Valerievna, Mitrokhin Vladimir Alekseevich
2517-2523 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Rural Population of Bryansk Governorate in the First Half of the 20th Century: Demographic Review
Malashenko Irina Vladimirovna
2524-2528 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Russian Mission at the Persian Court during the Shah’s Campaign against Herat in 1837-1838
Maryutkin Vitaly Vyacheslavovich
2529-2533 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Organization of Hunting in Yakutia in the 1990s: Fur Harvesting Activity of the National Concern "Sakhabult"
Sannikova Yana Mikhailovna
2534-2540 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Interstate Transfer of Technologies for Peaceful Use of Atom in the 1950-1960s (Based on the Materials of the Research Institute of Physics and Chemistry Named after L. Ya. Karpov)
Solentsova Elena Alekseevna, Glotova Angelina Vitalevna
2541-2545 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Social Estate Nature of Punishments in the Russian Army before the First World War
Tuarmenskij Vladimir Viktorovich
2546-2550 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Organisation of Production of the R-113 Radio Set "Granat" at the Ryazan Radio Manufacturing Plant in the 50s-60s of the XX Century
Honkin Sergey Nikolaevich
2551-2555 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Training Activities of the Chita State Pedagogical Institute in the Second Half of the 1940s
Yaremchuk Olga Anatolevna, Pryazhennikova Marina Vladimirovna
2556-2563 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Policy of "Great Exploration of the West" in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China
Buyarov Dmitry Vladimirovich
2564-2568 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Reinterpretation of Carolingian Renaissance in the Works of French Historiographers of the End of the XVI - the Beginning of the XVII Century
Kuleshova Elena Vladimirovna, Starostin Dmitrii Nikolaevich
2569-2574 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Terror as an Integral Component in the Theory and Practice of "Sendero Luminoso". Factors of Senderist Ideology Radicalisation
Magomedov Robert Magomedovich
2575-2579 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Revolution Supporter or Imperialist: On Counter-Revolutionarism of William Pitt the Elder
Sidorenko Leonid Vladimirovich
2580-2586 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Cultural Heritage Sites and the Tuvans’ Ethnic Identity
Eremin Leonid Valentinovich, Chistanov Marat Nikolaevich
2587-2591 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Role of Virtual Communities in Language Conflict in Tatarstan
Makhmutov Zufar Alexandrovich
2592-2596 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Semantic Models and Motifs of the Actional Code of the Udmurt Healing Ritual
Panina Tatiana Igorevna
2597-2602 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Military Regimental Historiography of the Kuban Cossacks’ Participation in Events of the Final Stage of the Caucasian War (1861-1864)
Burdun Vladimir Nikolaevich, Shakhtorin Alexander Alexandrovich
2603-2613 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Minor Epitaph for Guido and Ricardo on the Facade of Pisa Cathedral (Duomo di Pisa)
Valkov Dmitry Vadimovich
2614-2623 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Scholia on Aristophanes' Comedy "Peace" (Lines 605-606) and Other Ancient Sources on Phidias’ Death
Larionova Natalia Bogdanovna
2624-2627 Historical Sciences and Archeology
"Coverage of Classical Sources on the History of Buddhism" (Tib. chos ‘byung lung rigs sgron me) by Khensur Agvan Nyima (1907-1990) as a Source for Studying Mongolian Monasteries
Khartaev Vladimir Vladislavovich
2628-2632 Historical Sciences and Archeology
US Strategy in the Indo-Pacific Region and Relations with the PRC
Zainullin Timur Ramilevich
2633-2637 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Ivanov A. V., Fotieva I. V., Shishin M. Yu. Philosophy of Thought: New Facets of Metaphysics of All-Unity. Barnaul: New Format, 2021. 282 p.: Opinion Paper
Ingovatov Vladimur Yurievich
2639-2641 Philosophical Sciences
Symbol in Modern Ontology of Culture
Bukin Dmitry Nikolaevich, Mednikova Yulia Ivanovna, Mlechko Alexandr Vladimirovich
2642-2646 Philosophical Sciences
Concepts of Time in the Comprehension of Past Reality Existence
Shcherbakov Dmitrii Aleksandrovich
2647-2654 Philosophical Sciences
Issue of Moral Justification in I. A. Ilyin’s Work "On Resistance to Evil by Force"
Makarov Ivan Viktorovich
2655-2661 Philosophical Sciences
Aesthetic Experience of Time: Case of Disgust in Cinema
Strugova Ekaterina Aleksandrovna
2662-2666 Philosophical Sciences
Albert Schweitzer’s Moral Imperative "Reverence for Life" in the Context of Challenge in COVID-19 Epoch
Gorbunov Svyatoslav Sergeevich
2667-2670 Philosophical Sciences
Social Aspect of "Reverence for Life" Ethics by Albert Schweitzer
Gorbunov Svyatoslav Sergeevich
2671-2674 Philosophical Sciences
Digital Afterlife in L. Floridi’s Infosphere Concept (Ethical Analysis)
Nazarova Yuliya Vladimirovna
2675-2679 Philosophical Sciences
Academic Mobility in Scientific Social Networks (by the Materials of an Empirical Research)
Grimov Oleg Aleksandrovich
2680-2684 Philosophical Sciences
University Philosophy in the Context of the Philosophy of Science
Krysova Elena Vitalievna
2685-2688 Philosophical Sciences
Structure of Global Religious Security
Afanasyeva Maria Anatolyevna
2689-2693 Philosophical Sciences
Classification of Wars: Socio-Philosophical Analysis
Gulevsky Alexey Nikolaevich
2694-2699 Philosophical Sciences
Simulacrisation of Personal Identification Practices
Erokhin Vladimir Sergeevich
2700-2703 Philosophical Sciences
Charity as a Resource for Development and Mitigation of Social Divisions
Sigachev Maksim Igorevich, Bardin Andrei Leonidovich
2704-2711 Philosophical Sciences
Information Risks in Terms of Risk Society Theory: Social-Philosophical Analysis
Shepelev Ivan Alekseevich
2712-2716 Philosophical Sciences
Liminal and Transitional Spaces in Mobile Practices
Kudriavtseva Valentina Ivanovna, Satybaldina Diana Kairatovna
2717-2721 Philosophical Sciences
Lev Shestov’s Philosophy of "Double Vision" and Georges Bataille’s Phenomenon of Ecstasy: Philosophical Experience of Transgression
Lezer Victoria Alexandrovna, Ishniyazova Albina Radikovna
2722-2728 Philosophical Sciences
Culturological Projections of Christian Religious and Mystical Experience
Shugurov Mark Vladimirovich, Kostina Olga Viktorovna
2729-2735 Philosophical Sciences
A. McGrath’s Critical-Realistic Methodology of Dialogue between Science and Religion
Kiryanov Dmitry Viktorovich
2736-2743 Philosophical Sciences
Oxford Movement in the English-Speaking World
Mikhelson Olga Konstantinovna, Poliakov Nikolai Stanislavovich
2744-2748 Philosophical Sciences
Cult Objects of Oroqen People in China
Ochirov Tsyden Solbonovich, Dashieva Subad Balzhinimaevna
2749-2753 Philosophical Sciences
Brahmanism in A. I. Vvedensky’s Interpretation
Solopov Oleg Viktorovich
2754-2762 Philosophical Sciences
"Unmown Meadow" of the 18th-Century Russian Music
Demchenko Aleksandr Ivanovich
2763-2769 Study of Art
Speech Training of Chinese Drama Students in Russian Theatre School
Veledinskii Oleg Valer'evich
2770-2776 Study of Art
Pianist’s Role as a Participant of Chamber Ensemble Performance in S. V. Rachmaninoff’s Sonata in G Minor for Cello and Piano, Op. 19
Grishko Anna Aleksandrovna
2777-2781 Study of Art
Sting’s Album "If on a Winter’s Night...": at the Crossroads of Musical Traditions
Izergina Alina Rashitovna
2782-2786 Study of Art
Coloratura Technique in China: Formation, Problems and Prospects of Development
Li Yang
2787-2791 Study of Art
Role of Polyphony in Creative Work of Bishop Hilarion (Alfeyev)
Reneva Natalia Sergeevna
2792-2796 Study of Art
The Basic Tendencies of Violin Concerto Genre Evolution in the Creative Work of Chinese Composers of the 1940-1980s
Xin Xing
2797-2802 Study of Art
Image of Man in Huang Ji’s Chamber Vocal Work
Wu Mi Na
2803-2807 Study of Art
Charlie Parker’s Creative Work as an Example of Innovation in Jazz
Fisher Angelica Nikolaevna
2808-2812 Study of Art
Mongolian Pro-Images in Chinese Composers’ Clarinet Works of the 1950-1960s
Zhang Мини
2813-2825 Study of Art
University Orchestras of China and Their Functions in Socio-Cultural Space
Zhao Xiaolin
2826-2831 Study of Art
Huang Xiaotong’s Conducting Art in the Context of Russian-Chinese Cultural Ties
Zhao Huaichao
2832-2839 Study of Art
Poetics of Headline Complexes in Children’s Albums for the Piano
Shefova Elena Alexandrovna
2840-2844 Study of Art
Pre-Islamic Motives in the Interior of Umayyad Palaces Quseir Amra and Mshatta (661-750 A.D.)
Alshurman Ali Salem Hussein, Orlov Igor Ivanovich
2845-2850 Study of Art
Restoration of Tuffets Created at A. I. Tur’s Furniture Factory in the Middle of the XIX Century (Peterhof Collection)
Brovko Ekaterina Mikhailovna
2851-2857 Study of Art
Russian Portrait Genre at the Academic Exhibition of 1820
Gudymenko Yuri Yurievich
2858-2864 Study of Art
Dutch Influence in Forming Traditions of the Polish Court Portrait. Crypto Portrait
Moon Elizaveta Alexandrovna
2865-2869 Study of Art
Makariev Chest Craft (the Second Half of the 19th - the First Quarter of the 20th Century). Materials for the History
Pudov Gleb Aleksandrovich
2870-2875 Study of Art
Associations of Artists of "Greater China" in the System of Creative Unions of the Chinese Artists
Xing Nizhen
2876-2881 Study of Art
Leningrad Landscape Painting of the 1960-1980s: Transformation of Problematic Field of Research
Tsvetkova Anna Yuryevna
2882-2889 Study of Art
V. I. Zarubin and His Painting "Landscape with River and Fishermen" (1917) in the Collection of the Altai Krai State Fine Arts Museum
Shishin Mikhail Yurievich, Mushnikova Elena Anatolievna
2890-2895 Study of Art
Theatre and Design: Oskar Schlemmer’s Creative Work and Modern Understanding of Scenography in Advertising
Burlankova Ksenia Aleksandrovna
2896-2900 Study of Art
Methodology for Describing Works of Decorative and Applied Art in Restorers’ Professional Training
Shchipina Rimma Vladimirovna
2901-2905 Study of Art
Historical Evolution of Decorative Patterns of the Oroqen People
Yan Tianbao
2906-2912 Study of Art
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