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SOURCE:    Manuscript. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. № 6. P. 1156-1159.
SCIENTIFIC AREA:    Philosophical Sciences
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Pandemic as Social Evil That Brought about Solidarity, Humaneness and Development

Ioseliani Aza Davidovna, Mironova Olga Dmitrievna
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

Submitted: 14.05.2021
Abstract. The study aims to define the pandemic as a dangerous phenomenon that can become an incentive to revise social relations, unite people in the fight against COVID-19. The work argues that the coronavirus, which has significantly changed the modern world, is evil, but the humanity must draw a certain lesson from the immediate situation and learn to look for advantages in this evil that will prepare the world for such challenges in the future. Scientific novelty of the work lies in identifying social features of the pandemic that have become determinants of solidarity, humaneness and social development. As a result, it is proved that the pandemic has divided the civilisation into "before" and "after", the current world has become more progressive, the humanity has learned to unite in order to solve common problems, which produces an enormous social effect.
Key words and phrases: пандемия, коронавирус, социальное развитие, солидарность, гуманность, pandemic, coronavirus, social development, solidarity, humaneness
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