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SOURCE:    Manuscript. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. № 6.
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"Golden Age" of the Russian Artistic Culture
Demchenko Aleksandr Ivanovich
1049-1056 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Main Lines of State Policy Concerning the Muslim Community in 1985-1991 (by the Example of the Mari El Republic)
Efremov Evgeny Nikolaevich
1057-1062 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Religious Practices Functioning in the People’s Life during the Soviet Era in Historical Dynamics
Perova Ekaterina Yurievna
1063-1066 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Peasant Fractions in Representative Bodies of the Primorye Territory (1920-1922): Political Consciousness of the Far Eastern Peasants during the Civil War Period
Popov Fyodor Alekseevich
1067-1082 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Commanding Officers of the Northern Fleet in Submarine Sailor G. I. Sennikov’s Ego-Documents
Postnikova Yekaterina Georgievna, Lyubetsky Artyom Evgen’evich, Sennikova Ksenia Georgievna
1083-1092 Historical Sciences and Archeology
The Poles and the "Polish Issue" in Russia in Otto von Bismarck’s Views
Vlasov Nikolay Anatolievich
1093-1096 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Boys’ Education in Samurai Families in the Tokugawa Period (by the Material of "Wazoku Dojikun" by Kaibara Ekken)
Sharova Anna Borisovna
1097-1101 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Features of the Karachay-Balkar People’s Traditional Costume
Bolurova Aminat Niyazbievna
1102-1106 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Issue of Ethnic Identity Transformation among the Serving Mishars of the Southern Urals in the Second Half of the XIX - Early XX Century
Kilmamatov Ruslan Ramilevich
1107-1111 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Strategies for Interaction with the Russians in the Tatar Virtual Communities (by the Example of the Social Network "VKontakte")
Makhmutov Zufar Alexandrovich, Titova Tatiana Alekseevna
1112-1116 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Foreign Policy Contradictions between the United States and the Russian Federation in Transcaucasia and the Black Sea Region in the XXI Century
Shakirov Elchin Nuraddin oglu, Penkovtsev Roman Vladimirovich
1117-1121 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Issue of Resolutiveness in Ontognoseological Essentialism
Ognev Alexander Nikolaevich
1122-1129 Philosophical Sciences
Meaning and Interpretation Aspects of Compassion in S. L. Frank’s Religious Philosophy
Mochinskaya Kseniya Aleksandrovna
1130-1133 Philosophical Sciences
Journalists’ Professional Ethics in the Context of Conflict-of-Interest Situation (on the Basis of the Russian and British Experience)
Nazarova Yuliya Vladimirovna, Tolkachev Evgeniy Aleksandrovich
1134-1137 Philosophical Sciences
Conceptualisation and Formation of Systemic Consideration of Crises Phenomenon
Malakhova Elena Vladimirovna
1138-1142 Philosophical Sciences
Creationism Controversy in Modern Educational Literature: Methodological Aspects
Ivanova Mariia Evgenevna
1143-1150 Philosophical Sciences
Peoples’ Social Behaviour during COVID-19 Pandemic
Ioseliani Aza Davidovna, Zarubina Polina Dmitrievna
1151-1155 Philosophical Sciences
Pandemic as Social Evil That Brought about Solidarity, Humaneness and Development
Ioseliani Aza Davidovna, Mironova Olga Dmitrievna
1156-1159 Philosophical Sciences
Future Image in the Age of Post-Truth
Mozhilin Sergey Ivanovich, Ryazanov Alexander Vladimirovich
1160-1164 Philosophical Sciences
Instrumental Role of Ideas in Overcoming Bounded Rationality of Modern Actors
Ravochkin Nikita Nikolaevich
1165-1170 Philosophical Sciences
The Russian Caricature of the XX Century as Representation of Political Reality: Social and Philosophical Aspect
Sedelnikov Mikhail Valerievich
1171-1179 Philosophical Sciences
Migration as Factor in Transformation of Modern Society
Skorodumova Olga Borisovna, Tabasaranskiy Rufat Sergeevich
1180-1184 Philosophical Sciences
Issue of Reality Virtualisation in Postmodernist Culture
Yakovleva Marina Gennad’evna
1185-1189 Philosophical Sciences
Boundaries of Ethical Examination in Modern Art World: J. Clair’s View
Kobrinets Maria Aleksandrovna, Glebova Sofia Valeryevna
1190-1195 Philosophical Sciences
Cross-Cultural Interaction as Factor of Innovativeness (by the Material of the Chinese Culture)
Solomin Dmitry Nikolaevich, Kuchinskaya Tatiana Nikolaevna
1196-1201 Philosophical Sciences
Destruction of Identity and Alienation from Death in Thanatosensitive Digital Environment
Shapovalov Igor’ Sergeevich
1202-1208 Philosophical Sciences
Meaning of Sunnah in Islam: Quranism vs Hadithism
Rakhmatullin Rafael Yusupovich, Ziyazetdinov Rafis Minegalievich, Yunusbaeva Venera Favisovna
1209-1212 Philosophical Sciences
Interaction of the Traditional Violin Literature and the Bashkir Folklore in Masalim Valeev’s Works
Akhtyamova Aisyu Galievna, Karpova Elena Konstantinovna
1213-1217 Study of Art
The Kuban Nogais’ Social Songs: Functional and Stylistic Peculiarities
Kardanova Bela Baybekovna
1218-1222 Study of Art
Issue of Forming Ethnocultural Identity in Actors by Means of Music
Klimenko Tat'yana Evgen'evna
1223-1228 Study of Art
Interpretations of Liturgical Chants in Creative Work of Bishop Ionafan (Eletskikh)
Nesterenko Dariia Rustemovna
1229-1234 Study of Art
Educational Activity in Provincial Musical Life of the Early XX Century
Polozova Irina Victorovna
1235-1242 Study of Art
Psychogenetic Typology of Landscape
Vinogradova Evgenia Igorevna, Kilimnik Evgeny Vitalievich
1243-1249 Study of Art
Interpretation of the European Fairy Tale Plot in Comic Book: Charles Perrault’s "Donkey Skin" as Rendered by Edmond Baudoin
Zvir Margarita Alexandrovna
1250-1254 Study of Art
Battle Painting as Historical Document. Specificity of A. E. Kotzebue’s Creative Method
Lyubin Dmitry Vladimirovich
1255-1261 Study of Art
Allegorical Language as Phenomenon of Cinematic Folklorisation of the USSR’s Multinational Cinema in the 1960-70s
Vorobeva Anna Evgenievna
1262-1266 Study of Art
Concept of Colour in John Russell’s Creative Work
Isaeva Olga Anatolievna
1267-1274 Study of Art
Bogomil John. The Piano as the Orpheon: in 3 volumes. Moscow, 2019. Vol. 3. Playing the Notes of Spirituality. 272 p.: Opinion Paper
Volkova Polina Stanislavovna
1275-1277 Study of Art
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