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SOURCE:    Manuscript. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. № 6. P. 1267-1274.
SCIENTIFIC AREA:    Study of Art
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Concept of Colour in John Russell’s Creative Work

Isaeva Olga Anatolievna
Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Culture

Submitted: 08.05.2021
Abstract. The aim of the research is to identify the main stages of colour evolution in John Russell’s painting in the context of fine art development in the late XIX - early XX century, in the age when new trends were being shaped in international artistic practices. The article describes the painter’s attempts covering late impressionist painting, the productive post-impressionist period associated with many names in the art of France and far beyond its borders; above all, it refers to his connection with creative work of Vincent Van Gogh, Tom Roberts, Claude Monet and later with that of Henri Matisse. Primary focus is on highlighting Russell’s artistic activity related to an attempt of theoretical understanding and practical experiments in working with colour, which he consistently promoted in his own painting and in sustained personal communication and correspondence with a wide range of artists from different countries. In addition to studying the concept of colour in Russell’s creative work as such, scientific novelty of the research lies in studying its influence on Henri Matisse’s painting, which allows the researcher to shed light on the subsequent colouristic revolution in the art of Fauvist masters. As a result, it is proved that creative work of John Russell as a colouristic innovator is an integral factor in formation of the most important processes of fine art in the late XIX - early XX century.
Key words and phrases: импрессионизм, постимпрессионизм, цвет, пейзаж, фовизм, impressionism, post-impressionism, colour, landscape, Fauvism
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