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SOURCE:   Manuscript. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. 6. P. 1097-1101.
SCIENTIFIC AREA: Historical Sciences and Archeology
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Boys Education in Samurai Families in the Tokugawa Period (by the Material of "Wazoku Dojikun" by Kaibara Ekken)

Sharova Anna Borisovna
Peoples Friendship University of Russia

Submitted: 02.04.2021.
Abstract. The article analyses the treatise "Wazoku Dojikun" ("Teaching on Childrens Education Traditions in Japan") by Kaibara Ekken (1630-1714), the Japanese botanist and philosopher of the Tokugawa period (1603-1868). The paper tries to answer the question: what knowledge, skills and abilities a boy should have possessed to be successfully integrated into the Edo society. Scientific originality of the study lies in the fact that the researcher examines Kaibara Ekkens treatise, to be more exact, its third volume, for the first time in the domestic Japanology. The research findings are as follows: the author has investigated samurai boys education, which, according to Kaibara Ekken, secured their successful integration into the Edo society, allowed them to preserve and strengthen traditional family values.
Key words and phrases: , , " ", , "Wazoku Dojikun", Tokugawa period, Kaibara Ekken, boys education in samurai families.
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