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SOURCE:    Manuscript. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. № 6. P. 1190-1195.
SCIENTIFIC AREA:    Philosophical Sciences
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Boundaries of Ethical Examination in Modern Art World: J. Clair’s View

Kobrinets Maria Aleksandrovna, Glebova Sofia Valeryevna
Lomonosov Moscow State University

St. Petersburg State University

Submitted: 11.05.2021
Abstract. The paper addresses issues of ethical examination of works of art. The purpose of the study is to determine possibility of retrospective ethical reassessment of an artistic statement. The study is based on Jean Clair’s work "La responsabilit? de l’artiste" ["The Responsibility of the Artist"]. The art historian’s writings have been extremely scantily featured in the Russian-language scientific space. Representation of his thoughts, comparison of his views with current discourse constitute scientific novelty of the study. The results of the study have shown that factors of political, cultural and broad philosophical context of an artistic image formation are of paramount importance for conducting an ethical examination.
Key words and phrases: прикладная этика, этическая экспертиза, экспрессионизм, Жан Клэр, applied ethics, ethical examination, expressionism, Jean Clair
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