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SOURCE:    Manuscript. Tambov: Gramota, 2022. № 2. P. 67-70.
SCIENTIFIC AREA:    Study of Art
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Key Stage Notions and Terms in the Theoretical Heritage of F. I. Chaliapin

Kuznetsov Nikolai Ivanovich
Moscow Conservatory

Submitted: 10.11.2022
Abstract. The aim of the study is to reveal the fundamental principles of the theoretical heritage of the opera actor F. I. Chaliapin. The article discusses the features of the rehearsal process organization in modern Russian theatres, identifies the key stage notions and terms that F. I. Chaliapin was guided by in his work on the opera role. The scientific novelty lies in substantiating the importance of referring to the theoretical heritage of F. I. Chaliapin to improve the process of preparing student vocalists. As a result of the study, it was revealed that the tradition of “coaching a singer for a role” established in modern theatrical practice led to the denial of the principle of collective creativity (co-authorship in staging a performance), in connection with this, the need to take into account the notions of “purely intellectual efforts” in the rehearsal process (i.e. an appeal to the literary source, on the basis of which the libretto was compiled and the music of the opera was written), “composing the role” (conveyance of information embedded in the performance by the singer with the help of vocal and plastic expressiveness in collaboration with the director and conductor), formulated by F I. Chaliapin.
Key words and phrases: Ф. И. Шаляпин, сценические понятия и термины, работа над оперной ролью, сценическое мастерство оперного артиста, коллективное творчество режиссера-постановщика, дирижера и оперного актера, F. I. Chaliapin, stage notions and terms, work on an opera role, acting skills of an opera artist, collective work of the stage director, conductor and opera actor
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