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SOURCE:   Almanac of Modern Science and Education. Tambov: Gramota, 2016. № 5. P. 15-17.
SCIENTIFIC AREA: Philological Sciences
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Berezovaya Irina Vital'evna, Frolova Galina Aleksandrovna
Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University (Branch) in Elabuga

Abstract. The article examines one of the most important trends of the contemporary literary process development - the diffusion and interference of popular and elite prose - by the material of the collection of short stories by O. A. Slavnikova "Love in Carriage Seven". Analyzing the genre and subject focus of the collection, the authors come to the conclusion that the use of the genres, techniques and features of so called mass literature by O. A. Slavnikova doesn’t lessen the literary value of her works, but helps the writer to gain wide readership.
Key words and phrases: О. А. Славникова, массовая и элитарная литература, жанр, антиутопия, достоверная фантастика, новелла, детектив, притча, love story, тема любви, тема рока, тема научного прогресса, мотив железной дороги, O. A. Slavnikova, popular and elite literature, genre, anti-utopia, authentic fiction, short story, detective, parable, love story, subject of love, subject of fate, subject of scientific progress, motive of railway.
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