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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2020. № 2. P. 52-56.
SCIENTIFIC AREA:    Philological Sciences
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Problematics of the Bashkir Novels of the 1950-1960s

Gareeva Gul'fira Nigamatovna
Bashkir State University

Submitted: 12.01.2020
Abstract. The article examines developmental peculiarities of the Bashkir prose of the 1950-1960s against the background of social and historical changes of the "thaw" period, which is characterized by the rise of interest for an individual. The author analyses principles of realistic description of reality, reveals genre and style specificity, identifies the range of problems and considers the problematics of large-scale epic forms. The findings allow concluding about evolution of the Bashkir novelistics from a sociological survey to a psychologically relevant description of contemporaries’ spiritual world.
Key words and phrases: проблематика и характер конфликта романов, идейно-тематическое содержание, общественно-социальные и духовно-нравственные проблемы, духовный мир человека, концепция героя-современника, башкирская литература, novels problematics and nature of conflict, ideological and thematic content, social-spiritual and ethical problems, human’s spiritual world, conception of hero-contemporary, Bashkir literature
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