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SOURCE:   Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2020. 2.
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Influence of Books on the Formation of Heroes-Teenagers Personality (by the Material of the Modern Childrens and Adolescent Prose)
Bozhkova Galina Nikolaevna, Salakhova Diana Renatovna, Solunova Yana Alekseevna
5-9Philological Sciences
"Keep Silence to Poetry": "Silence" in M. S. Petrovykhs Life and Creative Work
Wang Mengjiao, Ponomareva Tat'yana Aleksandrovna
9-14Philological Sciences
Landscape Functions in V. M. Golovnins Prose
Vereshchagina Kseniya Andreevna
15-18Philological Sciences
Typology of Heroes Images in the Industrial Novel of the 1920-1970s by the Material of the Russian Literature of the Soviet Period
Gaganova Anna Anatol'evna
18-24Philological Sciences
Specificity of Using Real Personages Images in N. V. Gogols "Selected Passages from Correspondence with Friends"
Ershov Artem Gennad'evich
25-28Philological Sciences
Mysterial World of A. Tarkovskys Poem "I Am a Shade among Those Shades..."
Ibatullina Guzel' Mrtazovna, Kosterkina Ol'ga Vasil'evna
29-32Philological Sciences
"The Man Who Wished..." (Principles of Comical Inadequacy in Chekhovs "The Seagull")
Kichigina Viktoriya Viktorovna
33-36Philological Sciences
Specificity of B. Akunins Historical Novels of "Anatoly Brusnikin" Series
Os'mukhina Ol'ga Yur'evna, Karpov Anton Dmitrievich
37-41Philological Sciences
The Russian Emigration of the XX Century in China: Specificity of Poetical Works of V. Pereleshin, A. Nesmelov and A. Achair
Pei Jiamin
42-45Philological Sciences
Authors Strategy of Semantic Broadening in M. I. Tsvetaevas Poem "The Ratcatcher"
Rad' El'za Anisovna, Yakovleva Dar'ya Sergeevna
46-51Philological Sciences
Problematics of the Bashkir Novels of the 1950-1960s
Gareeva Gul'fira Nigamatovna
52-56Philological Sciences
Mythological Code in the Poem "The Winged Kutkh, or the Chant of Love" by Georgy Porotov
Khazankovich Yuliya Gennad'evna
57-60Philological Sciences
Story Event in the Novel "The Confessor" by D. Silva
Asanova El'zara Ridvanovna
61-67Philological Sciences
Methodological Potential of F. Schleiermachers Hermeneutical Theory (Based on the Analysis of Light and Darkness Concepts in S. Rushdies Novel "Joseph Anton" and Seasons in H. Adamss Novel "The Education of Henry Adams")
Gashkova Viktoriya Aleksandrovna
67-73Philological Sciences
Christopher Marlowes Image in the Novel "A Dead Man in Deptford" by A. Burgess
Smyslova Ekaterina Vladimirovna
73-79Philological Sciences
Motive of Silence in the Novel "February Shadows" by E. Reichart
Shastina Elena Mikhailovna
79-84Philological Sciences
Mirror as an Image and Symbol in Foreign Literary Tale of the XIX-XX Centuries
Shkurskaya Ekaterina Alekseevna
84-87Philological Sciences
Gender Representation of Dream Motive in the Russian and Foreign Womens Prose
Zhelobtsova Svetlana Fedotovna, Barashkova Svetlana Nikolaevna
88-92Philological Sciences
Derivational Potential of Synonymous Verbs (Perceive) and (Feel): Comparative Analysis
Guo Lin
101-107Philological Sciences
Lexical and Semantic Repetition in the Play "Sun Line" by I. A. Vyrypaev
Egidareva Arina Dmitrievna, Zhuravleva Kira Anatol'evna
108-112Philological Sciences
Stylistic Devices of Sound Imitation in Childrens Prose
Marinchenko Irina Aleksandrovna, Vasil'eva Elena Vasil'evna
113-117Philological Sciences
Composites Variants and Cognate Synonyms. Problems of Lexicographical Description
Merkur'eva Nataliya Mikhailovna
117-121Philological Sciences
Specificity of S. V. Lavrovs Speech Image
Minibaeva Svetlana Vinerovna, Mineeva Anastasiya Anatol'evna
121-125Philological Sciences
Province Phenomenon in the Humanities: Analytical Survey
Parshina Ol'ga Dmitrievna
126-129Philological Sciences
Light in Literary Space of A. Bloks "Verses about the Beautiful Lady"
Spivakova Elena Mikhailovna
130-134Philological Sciences
Discursive Typology of Fairy Tale (by the Example of A. N. Afanasyevs Collection "Russian Fairy Tales")
Xu Jingting, Ageeva Yuliya Viktorovna
134-139Philological Sciences
Syntactic Peculiarities of Official Written Texts of the First Third of the XX Century and of the Beginning of the XXI Century: A Comparative Aspect
Chernysh Ol'ga Andreevna
139-146Philological Sciences
Content and Structure of the Crimean Tatar Anthroponyms
Koroglu Lenura Ablyamitovna
147-150Philological Sciences
Metaphorical Transfer in Hybrid Nomination (by the Material of the German Hybrid Words of the Conceptual Field "Education")
Akkuratova Irina Borisovna
151-156Philological Sciences
Linguistic Markers of Russophobia in the English-Language Media Discourse
Beloborodova Anna Valer'evna
156-161Philological Sciences
Nominative Units as Means of Linguistic Representation of the English-Language Linguo-Cultural Scenario "Employment"
Belyakova Ol'ga Vladimirovna
162-166Philological Sciences
Linguistic Means to Express Evaluation in the German-Language Oral Memoirs
Didenko Viktoriya Dmitrievna
166-170Philological Sciences
Specificity of the English Terms Translation in the Professionally Oriented Text
Krapivina Marina Yur'evna, Fomichenko Anna Sergeevna
170-173Philological Sciences
Evolution of Terminological System of the Subject Area "Information Networks": "Net" vs "Web"
Mironova Galina Vladimirovna, Mironov Aleksandr Leonidovich
174-178Philological Sciences
Lexical Stylistic Means to Create a Personages Speech Portrait (by the Material of H. Fieldings Novel "Bridget Joness Diary")
Ponomarenko Larisa Nikolaevna, Mishutinskaya Elena Alekseevna
179-182Philological Sciences
Functional Characteristics of Exclamation Mark in the Modern English Discourse
Ryabova Marina Yur'evna
183-186Philological Sciences
Specificity of Linguistic Arrangement of News Texts on Corporate Websites of the English-Language Automobile Companies
Syresina Irina Olegovna, Gorbacheva Elena Nikolaevna, Bondarenko Svetlana Vladimirovna
186-190Philological Sciences
Concept "Weapon" in the Anglo-Saxon Poem "Judith"
Tatarkina Svetlana Mikhailovna
191-197Philological Sciences
Morphological Peculiarities of Units with Variational Vocalization of -ed in the Modern English Language
Shekhtman Elina Nakhimovna
197-201Philological Sciences
Functioning of Phraseological Africanisms in the Novels "Les Soleils des Ind?pendances (The Suns of Independence)", "En attendant le vote des b?tes sauvages (Waiting for the Wild Beasts to Vote)" and "Allah nest pas oblig? (Allah is Not Obliged)" by A. Kourouma
Skorobogatova Taisiya Ivanovna, Suraleva Ol'ga Yur'evna
202-206Philological Sciences
On the Problem of Semantic Arrangement of Media Texts (by the Example of Click-Bait Headlines of "The Guardian" Online Newspaper)
Gavrikova Olesya Anatol'evna
207-211Philological Sciences
Means of Nomination and Attributive Characteristic of Males in the Russian, Kuban and Ukrainian Folk Songs
Devitskaya Elena Nikolaevna
211-215Philological Sciences
Specificity of Translating Highly Specialized Terminology of the Subject Area "Financial Market Analysis"
Pankova Tat'yana Nikolaevna
215-221Philological Sciences
Speech Usage of the German Communicative Phrasemes of Speech Etiquette Sphere
Panfilova Elena Gennad'evna
221-225Philological Sciences
Visualization and Cognition in Military Strategies (by the Material of Figurative Units of Military Subject Area)
Pakhomenkova Olesya Mikhailovna
226-229Philological Sciences
Grammatical Features of Modal Words in the German and Russian Languages
Averina Anna Viktorovna
230-234Philological Sciences
Translation of the English-Language Colourative Vocabulary Taking into Account Structural and Semiotic Peculiarities of Literary Text (by the Material of F. Scott Fitzgeralds Novel "The Great Gatsby")
Altynguzhin Timur Rinatovich
235-238Philological Sciences
Translation of Means of Emotiveness from English into Russian in the Novel "Me before You" by J. Moyes
Gatsura Natal'ya Igorevna
238-243Philological Sciences
Comprehensive Analysis of Procedural Phraseological Units in the Russian-Language and English-Language Fiction
Kulakovich Mariya Sergeevna
243-247Philological Sciences
Peculiarities of Translating the English Multicomponent Neologisms into Russian
Rzaeva Sara Mais kyzy
247-252Philological Sciences
Techniques to Translate Anthroponyms and Toponyms in the Modern English Literary Tale
Smirnova Dar'ya Alekseevna, Abdul'manova Adelya Khamitovna
252-257Philological Sciences
Lexicographical Means and Techniques to Define a Scientific Term in Modern Online Dictionaries
Belkina Irina Valer'evna, Yatsenko Yuliya Nikolaevna, Mashkova Elena Viktorovna
258-263Philological Sciences
Experimental Research on Interrelation of Perceptive and Instrumental Identification Features of Sounding Speech of the Subject of Forensic Identification Expertise
Kaganov Aleksandr Shlemovich
263-269Philological Sciences
Developing Non-Linguistic Students Speech Skills Using the Techniques to Produce Witty Remarks
Belkina Elena Pavlovna
270-275Pedagogical Sciences
Teaching Punctuation in the English-Language Scientific and Technical Text to Masters Degree Students
Vlasko Natal'ya Konstantinovna, Vilkova Polina Vladimirovna, Kirichko Nataliya Vyacheslavovna
276-280Pedagogical Sciences
Time Management Techniques at Foreign-Language Practical Lessons at Medical Higher School
Gorelik Polina Leonidovna, Boyal'skaya Tat'yana Aleksandrovna, Bryukhovskaya Lyudmila Grigor'evna
280-284Pedagogical Sciences
Teaching the Russian-Language Free Dialogic Communication to the Chinese Students
Lidina Irina Yur'evna, Fedoseev Aleksandr Alekseevich
285-289Pedagogical Sciences
Walt Disney Strategy as an Interdisciplinary Learning Activity for Communication and Critical Thinking Skills Development
Martynova Tatyana Alexandrovna, Orlova Elena Vladimirovna
289-294Pedagogical Sciences
Complex Text Analysis in Culturological Perspective (with the Elements of Problem-Based Heuristic Methodology of Teaching Russian to Foreign Students)
Nikolaenko Galina Ivanovna, Tayanovskaya Irina Vladimirovna
294-299Pedagogical Sciences
Lesson of the Russian (Native) Language in the Aspect of Forming a Schoolchilds Ethno-Cultural Identity
Truntseva Tat'yana Nikolaevna
300-304Pedagogical Sciences
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